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looking for a childminder / nanny in winchmore hill, london n21

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treens8 Wed 30-Jul-08 22:59:37

hi. can anyone recommend a good nanny or childminder in my area? i am looking for someone to look after my 2 boys (1 and 3) from september for 3 days a week. OR can anyone recommend a good website to search on?

meatballs Wed 30-Jul-08 23:15:45

look up ace au pairs ( will find contact address if you want) i used for agency for several years and the childrens memories are all of fun things. we even went to visit several after they returned home. do not use if all you want is home help- get a cleaner, they do it very well but mainly focus on childcare

stressed2007 Thu 31-Jul-08 10:29:49

have you tried the nanny share websites? My daughter goes to fab nursery in enfield if that is any help?

stressed2007 Thu 31-Jul-08 10:30:49

also unsure if an au pair is the right person for you - they should n't have sole charge of young children.

MamaGLovesMe Thu 31-Jul-08 10:32:35

There is a huge difference between a CM and a nanny so you need to decide what you really want first, I think. If you want a nanny, putting an ad in The Lady magazine usually is successful.

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