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opinoins on Nannies who bring their own children to work??

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NannyJo Wed 09-Feb-05 21:07:18

I have been a nanny for years and currently am not working due to having my own baby recently. Soon I will need to look for a part-time nanny job (in the Swindon area, anybody know of any????)where I will have to take my own baby with me. Does anyone have any views, tips or advice for me on this. Will I struggle to find a job to suit me and an employer? I am worried I won't and then what will I do for an income??

Blu Wed 09-Feb-05 21:17:52

My nanny had a child exactly the same age as mine, and it worked really well. She charged less - because she was effectively a nannyshare with herself, and was getting her own working-parent-childcare-needs met. TBH, this was what made it affordable for us.
It was good because my DS had a close friend of the same age.
We sorted out lots of details - she did feed her DS food from our fridge during working hours, but paid for her DS if they did any extra activities. We agreed that I would always pay her if she was off sick - but not if she was off to care for her DS. In fact they were always ill at the same time, and she always looked after them together. We were mutually flexible about days - she worked 3 or 4 a week - and tried to get all her DS's Drs appts on non-work days, but sometimes took DS along if she had to get jabs for her DS etc.
I think you need to find someoen with a child the same age as your own and it will work really well.

cuppy Wed 09-Feb-05 21:32:52

Hi NannyJo, hows motherhood???

Ive been back at work since the summer and its working really well. I was really worried incase I wasnt bothered about the children, and just cared for my own, or that I wouldnt have anyrtime to spemd with mine. But I can say its not like that at all. I have ample time for all, and I think personally I am much better at my job since becoming a mum.

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