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2nd Year Trainee Teacher avaliable over summer.

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emmalu Wed 30-Jul-08 13:36:05

Sorry this is my second attempt, forgot a title last time blush

Hi, I am a 20 year old student teacher in my second year and i am avaliable untill the end of september for childcare work.

I have experience with children from about 2 - 12 years old, this includes teaching and occasional after school. My mother was also a childminder during when i was at high school, so have experience seeing it from that end too.

I am willing to work as many hours as needed and i go back to uni on the 30th of September.

I am willing to do general housework, as well as cooking simple meals (having lived on my own i would say i am quite good at cooking)

I have my own car, and i am willing to travel up to 15ish miles away from Nuneaton (where i currently live.)

My email address is and my mobile number is 07891251951.

Thanks Emma.

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