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Childminder without a home temporarily - a bit long, sorry

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Debbiethemum Wed 09-Feb-05 12:53:42

We have a good childminder, who also looks after another little boy, who is in the process of moving house. She has found a buyer for her place but nowhere to buy yet. While she is 'homeless' she will be staying with friends of hers. We all agree that it would be impossible for Ofsted to inspect the friends house. What we would like to do is use either my house other childmindee's house or a mixture of the two.

How can this be done? - as the other family & I all want to do the salary sacrifice scheme & claim childcare vouchers instead.

Does she become a Nanny temporarily - does this mean we now 'employ' her and have to pay her tax & NI etc.

Can she stay a childminder and work at one of our houses - do our houses need to be inspected by Ofstead?

Also, either situations how does this affect her insurance?

Also, what should we tell Ofstead?

Please we could all do with some advice on this.

KatieMac Wed 09-Feb-05 14:54:12

She needs to register as a Homeminder - look on the NCMA website - lots of info and it's fine with the Tax credit people

Debbiethemum Wed 09-Feb-05 15:07:29

Thanks for that, I will check out that site and do some printouts for her.

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