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mumsnet equivalent for nannies

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mrsshackleton Mon 28-Jul-08 10:52:30

I was telling my nanny about mn and she was wondering if there was a nanny equivalent (probably so she can offload about how dreadful my family is grin. Is there? Or not? Thanks x

NotQuiteCockney Mon 28-Jul-08 10:54:16


nannynick Mon 28-Jul-08 11:01:45

Personally I prefer Mumsnet, much nicer people on here, far more friendly smile

There are some others for nannies:


anyoneoutthere Mon 28-Jul-08 11:28:23

I agree nannynick. The people on nannyjob are quite rude!

mrsshackleton Mon 28-Jul-08 11:52:41

thanks guys - will point all out to her and see if she ends up on mn too grin

lindseyfox Mon 28-Jul-08 19:36:53

never personally had a problem with nannyjob.

like any forum chat board people ezpress opinions so sometimes people dont agree with others thats life.

Dynamicnanny Mon 28-Jul-08 19:42:27

Like Lindsey - never had a problem with Nanny Job yes sometimes there are disagreements but mainly it's a light hearted board

imananny Mon 28-Jul-08 20:15:11

ditto as lindsey and dymo nanny

i know many nannies who are on both

have always said that both sites are good, and both nannies and mums should be welcome on both.and good having both employers and nannies views on some subjects, on both boards smile

hopefully we are all mature enough, to agree to disgaree over some comments

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