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South African au pair - Visa

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stressed2007 Fri 25-Jul-08 06:41:31

How do I go about helping a South African girl get a visa to come as an au pair? Is there a Home office number so I can speak to a real person to help edplain a way through all the red tape I keep finding? Thnaks

stressed2007 Fri 25-Jul-08 06:42:22

ok - it is stil early - this should read....real person to help explain a way through all the red tape I keep finding? Thanks

nannynick Fri 25-Jul-08 07:09:52

South Africa is not part of the Au Pair Scheme so looks like a non-starter - as they will need a Work Permit. Try contacting the UK Border Agency: Work Permits Customer Contact Centre on 0114 207 4074 -

AtheneNoctua Fri 25-Jul-08 09:01:03

They can (could?) get a holiday maker visa. But I think this is being replaced by the new tier 5 scheme under which I believe South AFricans can no longer come here because they do not offer an equivalent program for British citizens.

stressed2007 Fri 25-Jul-08 09:16:24

thanks for the confirmation.

JenniPenni Fri 25-Jul-08 10:17:59

Check if she can get an ancestral visa. Yeah, looks like they are changing working holiday visa 9for under 30s) to the new tier system.

AtheneNoctua Fri 25-Jul-08 10:25:05

The new system has not come into effect yet. So she might be able to squeeze in at the last minute. Worth checking.

JenniPenni Fri 25-Jul-08 10:32:08

Here it says she could possibly get the working holiday visa? SA is part of the Commonwealth.

JenniPenni Fri 25-Jul-08 10:32:50

JenniPenni Fri 25-Jul-08 10:33:34

Not sure why the link isn't working! btwn maker and uk there is a _... maker_uk.htm

AtheneNoctua Fri 25-Jul-08 10:40:01

jura Fri 25-Jul-08 18:14:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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