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What would you do?

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PeaMcLean Thu 24-Jul-08 17:00:02

We've had a CM for a few years now. As we moved house and schools last year, she's only looked after DS intermittently in the holidays. (School finished last week here)

Problem is, she only really looks after younger children and DS is outgrowing her. This holiday we decided to split it between her and a playscheme, which DS has tried for a couple of days and absolutely loves. He'd much rather go to the playscheme. It's also half the price of the CM.

We don't have a contract with her, but I had booked her for 6 specific days over the next few weeks.

Is it bad of us to cancel her and stick with the playscheme? It runs every holiday as far as I know. I just feel bad about cancelling days we've booked. Would we be obliged to pay her for those days?

If we did cancel I'd have to accept we can't go back for another holiday. Am I silly to burn my bridges?

What do you wise women think?

QueenEagle Thu 24-Jul-08 17:05:32

How approachable is she? I would have a chat and tell her ds would like to go to the playscheme as he is at the age where he wants to do stuff with his mates and keep her on a casual ad hoc basis for those times when you may be stuck. I wouldn't personally burn your bridges with her if there are no other issues with her.

PeaMcLean Thu 24-Jul-08 17:07:31

But won't I be burning bridges if we cancel for these days I've booked?

She is lovely, btw, and it's very good to know she's available for Inset days etc. Having said that, we've hardly used her in the last year, but she's certainly been very useful on the rare occasions she does have him.

RachieB Thu 24-Jul-08 17:13:50

i would cancel BUT pay up ( just like you would have to with any other childcare provider where you had booked but not used)

you dont want any hard feelings, just in case you need to use her at a later date


lindseyfox Thu 24-Jul-08 18:38:43

i think if you cancel you should at least pay 50% of her fees if not all as she could potentially have turned away business.

maybe nice to buy box of choc or bottle of wine as a way of apology and as a goodbye.

imananny Thu 24-Jul-08 18:43:37

tech you dont have to pay her, you dont have a contract - but if you MIGHT need her in the futre, then worth mentioning to her that ds wants to do play scheme - maybe say that some chool friends are doing it as well - and that you dont want to let her down/muck her about and see what she says

PeaMcLean Thu 24-Jul-08 19:01:20

thanks all.

As it turns out, DS had a fantastic day with her today so all thoughts of playscheme are far behind! blush

I think it's right that I should pay her if I cancel. it's only fair. And so he'll have to stay there, I can't afford to pay for two places. And I really wouldn't want to not be able to go back there.

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