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Scottish CM club - experiences of grading?

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FromGirders Thu 24-Jul-08 11:12:44

Hi all, not meaning to sound anglophobe, but care commission do things differently from ofsted, and it's care comm experiences I'm wondering about smile.
I know you're all prbably working hard just now, so I'll prob bump later. I'm just re-registering after several months off to move house, so only just starting to think about the grading business. Has anyone been graded yet? What kind of evidence did you use to support your self-assessment? I've just watched the grading dvd, and it didn't give any examples at all. I was a bit surprised though, that they average the grades they give you for each statement and then round it down to the lower grade rather than the nearer one. that means that if you get even one 5 in your self assessment, then the whole lot will go down to a 5. Any thoughts?

amazonianadventure Thu 24-Jul-08 13:32:19

I got lost on the whole grading thing,Im about to give up my registration do you need to know about grading to reregister?

Fadge Thu 24-Jul-08 19:45:50

I'm in the middle of preparing for mine, it's end of August, so will let you know then ;)

The Eform is a nightmare, I cannot believe we have to write so much before the Inspection! My advice get it started as soon as you can, don't leave till last minute.

The DVD is rubbish eh? No help at all! Re the actual grading, I think it's completely daft to not have one overall grade like Ofsted do - so if someone asks what grade you are you have to say well in leadership I am 4 in staffing I am 5 in care I am 6 etc etc

aGalChangedHerName Thu 24-Jul-08 21:30:47

My friend had her inspection a few weeks ago and she was hoping for an ok grade,her CCO graded her up on a couple of things and she ended up being a Very Good.

I do think it will depend on how shitty nice the CCO is.

I haven't watched the dvd. Have either of you attended any Grading workshop training?

FromGirders Fri 25-Jul-08 00:02:44

Oh right, i thought they'd average you out and you got an overall grade, not several different ones.
No, not been on a course yet, think I'll have to try and find one. I'm feeling rather scarily out of touch!
Got a potential mindee coming for a playdate tomorrow though, so feeling hopeful I'll be earning again soon.

Fadge Fri 25-Jul-08 15:23:49

nope, I couldn't get on one, I can never get into any of the training despite taking the application forms down the very next day grump angry

I can't recall where I saw about the overall grade ( or lack of!!) but see it I did, maybe it's on the little leaflets they give out about it?

I have just submitted my Eform and feel fabby now

oh and was that you on the SCMA forum asking similar about this? lol

Fadge Fri 25-Jul-08 15:25:50

should clarify, they do average out your grades on the eform for each quality standard in each theme so you have to grade yourself at the same grade for each one or it pulls you down a grade, but then overall for the 4 quality theme grades, they don't average that out like Ofsted do to one overall grade.

It's hard to explain!!

FromGirders Fri 25-Jul-08 16:29:05

Oh, well that's me outed then! I did think about that when I posted, but wasn't sure either how to change my name, or whether I was actually bothered. Turns out I'm not bothered, I try not to write anything on here that I'd be mortified to confess to in real life! Hope you're not too local to me!
And isn't that silly how they don't give you an overall!

Fadge Sat 26-Jul-08 09:20:55

lmao no, and I'll make myself known to you too then we are even ;) I did think when I joined that one that it should be anon really esp given that we might be asking for advice on confidential stuff at times? Plus they spelt my name wrong which just adds insult to injury really!!

FromGirders Sat 26-Jul-08 16:53:09

My name is wrong too! It should be a small f. I noticed that a few people had posting nicknames, I think I'm going to ask how to get one - I don't usually put my name on the internet for anything. And you're right about the confidentiality thing.

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