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Ofsted Inspection

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mafalda Mon 07-Feb-05 21:26:29

I had my first inspection since registering on the 18/01/2005, I have not heard anything yet. Can anyone let me know if i should wait or should I call Ofsted. The inspector I had was in such a hurry that I am not sure if she knew what was going on. When she called to inform me that she would be coming to see me soon, she was insistent that I had spoken to her before. I hadn't. Then she kept telling me that i lved in Streatham Vale but i don't. So have been worried ever since.
Any advice greatful.
Thank alot.

RTKangaMummy Mon 07-Feb-05 21:35:05

I dont really understand

you have had one or not?

lunavix Mon 07-Feb-05 21:36:25

I'd phone Ofsted and ask for the status of your application.

It was months after mine that I was approved, although I had a certificate from Australia that had to be sent.

TraceyAllen1973 Mon 07-Feb-05 21:46:13

My first inspection after registering, i was told by letter what month..then i was told to ring Ofsted the beginning of that month for my inspectors name..then she rang me a few days later to confirm what days i was unavailable.

At the end of my inspection she went through her finding with me, and what i was being graded. A good thankfully!

I dont qiute understand you situation.

Ring Ofsted

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