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C/M problems

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PinkElephant73 Wed 23-Jul-08 10:29:25

Sorry this is a long first post, need to try and get all the info in first time. I have a problem with my c/m and need advice what to do.

There have been at least 3 incidents this year which have given me cause for concern. It seems like things keep happening, each time it is something different but all have the common factor of her not paying enough attention.

The most recent is as follows. For background, she drops off Ds1 (8) and DS2 (6) at school in the morning which involves waiting in the playground until all the kids have gone in although she may not be able to physically see all the kids through the different doors.

Another parent has told me that as she was leaving the school playground one morning recently, she came across my DS2 and another 6 year old boy minded by the same c/m, on their own in the playground. All the classes had gone in and it was at least 5 mins after the start of school, so the playground was empty and there was no sign of the childminder. (The two boys were standing in a place where they were not visible from the school door, but were not deliberately hiding, they were engrossed in some game or other.) The other parent took the two boys back to the school door and handed them over to the teacher. DS and his class teacher have both confirmed this happened. He was told off by his teacher for being late in and I have also had words with him about it but I feel the c/m should have ensured he was not still in the playground after the start of school!

There have also been at least two other incidents this year. During one, my DS1 age 8 was being taunted in the playground before school by some of her older minded kids and her son. She was warned by another child there was a problem, but a fight then broke out in which my DS hurt another child quite seriously and the school had to ring me to inform me about it. (He is not normally in this kind of trouble I should add). The other incident again DS1 was again being taunted by other kids, she was told this was happening and apparently went and told them off. However it continued and when I arrived to collect him, he was in tears ? but she hadn?t noticed this and was talking to her friends.

After each of the earlier incidents she has been quick to tell me what she would do to avoid it happening again and this has disarmed me somewhat so I have not put anything in writing.

It would be difficult to find alternative childcare and anyway there is no guarantee another c/m would be better or that my kids would get on perfectly with their own or minded kids. The c/m is not contactable for the next 2weeks so I am not able to contact her to discuss at the moment which may be for the best. What to do?

Sidge Wed 23-Jul-08 12:20:25

She sounds like she isn't paying enough attention in the playground, even after those previous incidents.

When you are next able, I would ask for a private word when she can sit and talk properly, and tell her that you are concerned for your son in the playground, and that the school want to ensure the children are safely seen into the classroom (even if not srictly true!) so could she please make an extra effort to watch out for him.

If there are any more incidents after the chat then you may need to think seriously whether you want her to mind your children - you need to feel confident that she is ensuring their safety.

Hassled Wed 23-Jul-08 12:30:38

I can see why you're feeling a bit twitchy - but looking at it objectively, 3 incidents over the course of a (academic?) year isn't too bad. The first one would give me the most cause for concern - the latter two are more a case of her taking her eye off the ball which could just have easily have happened to anyone. You make several references to her kids/other minded kids - are their hoards of them? Is it mostly a case of her being over-committed?

Al you can really do is have a think about whether overall your DCs are happy with her - and talk to them frankly about this - they're old enough to be consulted.

KatyMac Wed 23-Jul-08 20:05:28

I think you need to clarify when they become the responsibility of the school. We are not allowed in the playground & even if our child hurts them selves in front of us we are not allowed to enter. So I assume theschool takes responsibility while in the playground, your school may be similar

PinkElephant73 Wed 23-Jul-08 23:00:59

Katy, as I said in my first post dropping them off involves waiting until they have gone in, this is what she normally does. The problem was spotted by another parent who was also leaving the playground having seen her own child into school as is the norm at our school.

I realise some schools do not allow parents in the playground but this is not the case at our school so its not really relevant... thanks for posting anyway...

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