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Live in au pair plus required, London NW11, end of August/beginning of September

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Wine Tue 22-Jul-08 15:14:28

Hi There

I'm really struggling to find an experienced live in au pair, whose already here, done the job already here and available for an interview and can provide references. I'm a gumtree user, however I'm not having much success with it.(we got our current au pair using it whose been with us the last four years, so we can't be all bad!!! I hope) Does anyone know of any good experienced girls who are looking to change around end of August/beginning of September.

navyeyelasH Tue 22-Jul-08 21:47:01

Just out of curiosity how much does na aupair plus cost?

On topic this might be ehlpful but I've personally never used it:

Good luck!

Looby4 Wed 23-Jul-08 20:23:42

I've struggled too to find and Au Pair+ for September. Also tried Gum Tree but everyone was either wanting to live out, or illegal it seemed to me!
I've spoken to loads of agencies and they say it is because of the "credit crunch" and general malaise in the economy - people are firing their expensive nannies and switching to over-worked, underpaid au pairs!
I think I've got an au pair today - she's 48 so about 25 years older than I thought I would have! Sounds very nice though.

stressed2007 Wed 23-Jul-08 22:42:49

how can this lady be an au pair don't they have to be under 30?

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