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Finding a childminder - what should I be looking for?

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knittingmum Mon 21-Jul-08 19:38:33

I am going to meet a childminder tomorrow, she's the first I've seen and I don't really know what I should be looking for. Any vital questions I must ask?
Obviously expecting her to be qualified in first aid and ofsted registered but are these legal requirements?
All advise greatly appreciated!

GordonTheGopher Mon 21-Jul-08 19:40:25

I think you just know. I would see how she is with your child and if her house is too tidy stay away!

PinkChick Mon 21-Jul-08 19:45:56

HI there, to be a registered childminder ie qualified and legal, she should have ofsted regsitration and first aid, she/he should also be trained in ICP (introduction to child care) and studying towards the EYFS (early years Foundation Stage)..other than that, i would say, go on your gut instinct, her hosue doesnt have to be immaculate, but homely, i wouldnt (personally) want pets (dogs/cats) around, check she/he is non smoking.

How old is your child?, they may not have lots of toys for your childs age range at present if they dont already have children of that age, but i would expect them to be provided when/if you Lo starts with them.

Good luck, we're not all scary yknowsmile..just (in my case) already a mum, who has lots of experience with children ( own and minded children) and will look after them in a loving and caring way, that would would think of an aunty etc..

Hope it goes wellsmile

gooseegg Mon 21-Jul-08 20:07:25

knittingmum - If not already offered to you by the childminder then I would ask for the contact details of any current parents so that you can call and chat to them.

The childminder may have to ask permission from the other parents to give you their numbers.

I called several families when deciding on my son's minder and was very reassured by the praise they all gave for her care and reliability.

Ask how she deals with difficult/challenging behaviours, and what she finds to be the best and worst parts of her job.

I would look for a down to earth humour and be wary of someone who comes across as too critical, especially towards Ofsted.

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