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hi - some inof would be very much appreciated - goung to start CMing in New Year

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gem1981 Thu 17-Jul-08 09:37:11

will try and keep this post as short as poss!!

I want to start childminding around March time next year - by then I will have a 3 yr old and a 6 month old of my own.

Am I right in thinking i will only be able to take on one more child under the age of 5 and that as one of my children is under 1yr this additional child must be over 1 yr old?

I am about to book myself onto the initial info course but I have some questions that I hope you guys could answer for me.

1) if parents take child out of your care for a family holiday etc do you then not charge them for that time -
(trying to work out how often I will be without an income if this happens)

2) do you charge when a child is ill and not with you?

3) what do you do about naps? I have a spare bedroom and both my children have a room of their own - would a travel cot in the spare room suffice?

4) do you chrage extra for hot meals like their tea?

sorry that's quite a long post isn't it?
Thank you x

Love2bake Thu 17-Jul-08 10:00:40

Yes you would only be able to have one child between the age of 1-5. Then maybe a couple of after-schoolers depending on the kind of space you have.

I charge half-fee for holidays and sickness for the mindees, but nothing for myself.

I only use the downstairs for CM'ing, as when I registered there were extra things you had to do for upstairs use. Therefore for naps I use a travel-cot at the 'quiet' end of the lounge-diner.

I include food and everything in my hourly rate (£4.00 PH).

All CM are different though, and you can charge how much / what for depending on your circumstances.

Hope that helps.

gem1981 Thu 17-Jul-08 10:42:09

thanks love2bake - i am trying to think of all eventualities and get all my bases covered before i start.

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