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KaySamuels Thu 17-Jul-08 06:56:02

Morning all!

Haven't opened up for ages. smile

I have a mindee leaving today been with me 3 years and now off to big school - will be strange around here without him!

Toasted tea cakes and pot of tea out. smile

KaySamuels Thu 17-Jul-08 06:58:06

Can anyone helo with my WWYD threadhere ?

Thanks to those who helped last night, feel all churned up that I might have to give someone notice.

mumlove Thu 17-Jul-08 07:53:35

Morning to you.

The grey skies are back here today and we are off on a toddler group outing to a farm park.

Have a wonderful day.

Shoshe Thu 17-Jul-08 08:02:20

Which Farm you off too Mumlove?

aGalChangedHerName Thu 17-Jul-08 08:06:25

What's the weather like where you are Mumlove?

Hope it's nice. We did Farm outhing for our CMing group last week and it pissed down nearly the whole time[ad] Kids were miserable by the end.

mumlove Thu 17-Jul-08 08:11:54

Off to see that lovely Mr Farmer Palmer grin , and the weather WILL stay dry (I hope).

LoveMyGirls Thu 17-Jul-08 08:14:19


KS, it's a hard one isn't it if ofsted won't let you have a variation and you have mortgage arrears I would have to say go with the most money tbh also the 3yr old won't be with you long term but baby might if mum settles in to this new job ok so short term you will earn more money and also a better long term prospect imo.

Got to go now got 4 mindees due in 15 mins and I need to clear away breakfast, dress dd2 and take a car seat out! Back later

eleanorsmum Thu 17-Jul-08 08:37:26

morning all. we're not off anywhere exciting just the docs as dd has temp and is coughing lots. think we're in line for antibiotics again! she quite needy today. have got both mindees here so will have to see how she goes. both aware of docs visit and fine with it thankfully.

hope you have fun mumlove, don't think rain will come to much if it does show its ugly head, showery i think.

KatyMac Thu 17-Jul-08 08:38:11

Morning - I just heard about a local nursery maybe closing, I think it's very sad

But it might mean more children for me tbh (feel a bit bad about being pleased about that as well)

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