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Nannies from internet

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Martini Sat 05-Feb-05 12:01:48

Anyone advertised for a nanny on the internet? Did you get much response and were they any good? I want a professional nanny not an au pair and am prepared to pay the going rate. Would be interested to know before take plunge as can't bear thought of mail box full of junk!

binkie Sat 05-Feb-05 12:58:58

Yes, via gumtree (we're in central London). One day's ad, 50+ responses, ranging from perfect (we employed) to what-planet-is-this-person-on. Asking for replies by e-mail (only) meant we could pick out the likelies at once, and declining applications also easy & straightforward.

You do have to work harder of course on interviewing and references, and making sure of police checks etc, than if using an agency. But I would certainly go that route again.

Ameriscot2005 Sat 05-Feb-05 13:00:08

You can get lots of foreign (Aussie etc.) nannies by using Gumtree. If you are in London, you'll get lots of mail, but it's easy to hit the delete key for those that are obviously unsuitable.

The Commonwealth nannies do seem to have proper qualifications, but they can only really stay with you for about a year if they are Working Holidaymakers.

binkie Sat 05-Feb-05 13:01:49

Sorry, forgot important stuff: of the 50+, about 10 max were worth considering. So there was quite a lot of dross to say no to, but as I say, it wasn't difficult to do that. Process from ad to contract was about three weeks, I'd say.

Ameriscot2005 Sat 05-Feb-05 13:03:44

Agree with Binkie...I used an agency for my first au pair (which didn't work out) and was frustrated with them about getting a replacement - waiting for their emails, etc. I recruited my second au pair via the internet and I loved being in control of the process. I'm not convinced as to what the agencies do that you can't easily do yourself.

Martini Sat 05-Feb-05 19:07:44

Thanks for help - will have a go and report back on progress if any. Any other experiences would be useful.

Hanlou007 Sat 05-Feb-05 19:24:03

Have a try on

I am an ex nanny and know loads of professional nannies that look on there...

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