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need new toys

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jillyj Mon 14-Jul-08 19:53:53

hi. where can i get some cheap but good special needs, cultural toys.

Fadge Mon 14-Jul-08 20:08:47

ebay is your best friend for everything ;)

KaySamuels Mon 14-Jul-08 22:14:01

do you have happyland from ELC? they do a huge variety of people (wheelcairs, glasses, cultural, freckles, hair colours, skin colours, etc).

I second ebay too, always good things on there.

The works and redhouse are good for books. smile

littlestarschildminding Tue 15-Jul-08 08:13:42

Carboot sales :-)

I have got some fab stuff recently. An annabel ethnic doll for £2, a little people pirate ship £1, new books called my friend is deaf, my friend is blind etc for 50p each, a great soft mat £4, some outdoor PE kit for have to sort through all the rubbish obviously.


gooseegg Tue 15-Jul-08 12:35:02 This is a good place too.

PinkChick Tue 15-Jul-08 12:38:27

contact your local surestart, were i am we have a playgroup network and toy library, they loan out all equiptment from jigsaws to soft play to triple buggies!..playgroup network seel materials (apints/paper etc) on at cheap prices.hthsmile

LoveMyGirls Tue 15-Jul-08 14:09:52

You can borrow stuff from Early years centre's too

lilyloo Tue 15-Jul-08 14:10:37

ask on freecycle

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