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Childminder needed ASAP in Romford area

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Mummy2TandF Sun 13-Jul-08 20:44:35

I have a daughter of 20 months and a son who is 3.7yrs and I am looking for childcare from 9am-2:15pm Monday to Friday.
My son currently attends a preschool from 9:15-1:00pm Monday to Thursday and will possibly be starting a nursery attatched to a local school in September.
I would require the childcarer to drop my son at his preschool and collect him at 1pm, obviously you would have my daughter for the whole time, I would then collect both children at 2:15pm. I would also need both children to be cared for from 9am-2:15pm in the school holidays.
If anybody is able to help I would appreciate it. Thank You in advance

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