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CM Club- Accounts spreadsheet

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littlestarschildminding Sun 13-Jul-08 08:16:26


I had my laptop stolen and stupidly hadn't backed up my excel spreadsheet etc for my accounts! (I have all my past ones printed so thats not a problem) but I didn't build them myself and have a very limited knowledge of the software and don't think Im able to rebuild them myself(I was just popping the figures in each month and the rest did itself!) Im begging! Does anyone have a blank set of their accounting sheets they can email me.... Pleaseeeeeeeee
(needs to be the advanced one, earns over £15K or whatever the limit is)

Would be really really appreciative!


littlestarschildminding Sun 13-Jul-08 08:48:58

Ohhh not to worry just found the original one I bought on ebay LMAO for £1.25 will buy that one. Its the same as I have been using smile so wont give me any headaches.

Will back it up this time too!!!!


juneybean Mon 14-Jul-08 08:19:25

A good tip for backing up documents is to email them to yourself at a webbased email :D

Shoshe Mon 14-Jul-08 13:33:47

another tip, evry time you do your invoices, back straight onto a memory card, and keep in a safe place.

I do this with all my work stuff, thank god cos my PC went down a few moths ago and would have lost everything.

Also have a external harddrive that I keep all my photos on.

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