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Lots of Qs for CMs - new to all this!

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DP is currently a SAHD but financially and, for DS, socially I think we're going to look for morning childcare for our baby.

The thing is, I know childcare's thin on the ground locally but I can't afford to pay for a place until DP is earning. However, if DP gets offered a job I don't want him to have to turn it down if we can't get childcare sorted.

CHicken and egg situation - do CMs offer the sort of flexibility whereby we could start when he gets work - I doubt it but have no idea how all this works.

Also, we live in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. I've asked for recommendations but what if I meet a CM and don't like her, I really don't want to offend anyone by not taking them up on an offer of a place but also obviously have to be happy with them before DS starts going ...

PFB. Can you tell? grin

badgerhead Sun 13-Jul-08 08:14:19

If you find a childminder that you really like who has a space for your ds you are likely to have to pay a half price retainer fee to keep the space open for you whilst your dp finds a job. However as you say you can't afford to pay for a place it might be a case of looking around at all the childminders who have spaces, deciding which ones you like the best and asking them what they would do about the space whilst your dp is job hunting. They are most likely to ask for a deposit or a retainer to keep the space otherwise once your dp has a job it will be a case of asking whether the space is still available once dp has found his job.I hope that you find the right combination for you all.

MindingMum Sun 13-Jul-08 09:24:13

Yes ditto everything badgerhead says.

Also we are not offended if someone doesn't take a place. Most of us are Mums and know how important it is that you find that special person. Not everyone has the same ideas on childcare - you will know when you have found him/her.

I always invite parents to come and see me even though I don't have vacancies just so that they can get a feel for childminders and have something to compare with when they do visit a prospective CM.

I think it is unlikely that you will find anyone who will hold a place for you without a retainer unless they don't yet have a place but will in the near future iyswim.

MindingMum Sun 13-Jul-08 09:27:51

Just re read that and it sounds a bit odd - I didn't mean that I always invite parents to come and see me and then tell them I have no vacancies shock, I meant that I tell them I have no vacancies but invite them over anyway grin

\thanks very much folks, really helpful

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