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CM's Can I have your ideas please.

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Tas1 Thu 10-Jul-08 16:31:50

I am going to be looking after 16m twin boys soon.
Can you give me any ideas for games and activities for children of this age, please.

Tas1 Fri 11-Jul-08 09:36:03

Any ideas?

KaySamuels Sat 12-Jul-08 09:04:41

I have a 16m old mindee, he likes
cars, trucks, buses
wooden train set
ball games
being chased and tickled
simple stories such as Dear Zoo
painting with a brush or bingo dabbers from elc
water table
outdoor play - park, green areas for running around
dressing up box

he is full of energy and fun

hth smile

KaySamuels Sat 12-Jul-08 09:05:27

oh he also likes sweeping grin

Tas1 Sat 12-Jul-08 13:56:22

Thanks kaysamuels

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