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feel like giving up

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abba1772 Tue 08-Jul-08 20:24:22

hi i'm a forces wife and we move to norfolk in january from scotland. i gave up all my mindees up there and feeling a bit bummed.

after all the fuss about having to re-register all over again i finally got my certificate.

i've only filled one day a week so far. got a phone call yesterday if i could do a one off week next week and could they come round tonight. well guess what happened, they didn't flipping show

feeling really low at the mo, the one day a week slot doesn't start til the 23rd

i'm sure i'll be fine once i start working again but it's been 6 months since i worked properly full time. miss having kids running around.

MindingMum Tue 08-Jul-08 20:46:19

Oh abba, what a shame.

Are there too many c/m's locally or just a general lack of work?

OFSTEDoutstanding Tue 08-Jul-08 20:52:56

Hi abba I am also from Norfolk which base are you on? I live about 5 miles from Marham and I am always struggling to fill my spaces. Have you tried advertising in the local paper? I tend to find round here you get no phone calls for months and then get 3 in the same week. Keep your spirits up someone will come along soon you might get some after schoolies for September term

Shoshe Tue 08-Jul-08 21:07:31

I'm really surprised on a Base that you cant get work, I live on one and in 8 years here have never had a space, in fact the two mindees that leave at Christmas, the spaces have already gone.

Have you put some fliers out at the M&T, what about the camp mag, and talk to the soliders drs, they let me put a flyer in there as well.

Is ther a CM group on camp, we have agood one here, and often can pass work onto each other.

Ask the school if you can put some flyers on there board as well.

Good luck and dont give up love.

KatyMac Tue 08-Jul-08 21:09:43

Are you close to me - I'm near Acle

abba1772 Wed 09-Jul-08 20:57:40

i'm in barnham about 5 mins from RAF Honington. i've put flyers throughout the village, have phoned the local schools who are putting up posters have went to the hive club regarding the newsletter.

i've even offered a pick up service as i know some parents can't drive

thanks for the support feeling a bit better x x x

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