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I have my inspection looming

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iMum Tue 08-Jul-08 10:47:22

It is on Thursday and I am really really shitting it.

Now I know im a good childminder, but on Thursday I only have one mindee with me and he is only 1. What on earth can I do with him to impress the nispector?

I had planned...

Playing with the trains-he likes this.
getting the water bowls out for sploshing fun on the floor (the weather is due to be shite so indoor play it is)
putting mega blocks in and out of the mega blocks bag (he likes this too)

what else?
she is due at 10 so he will wake up from his nap at about 10.30 have a play then lunch at 12. normally I'd take him out for a walk to a playgroup or even just to see my mum for a change of scenary but i suppose I will be house bound for the time of the inspection.

iMum Tue 08-Jul-08 10:57:45

PPPllease, peeps-am really nervous and need Mumsnets wisdom!

philmassive Tue 08-Jul-08 11:00:24

I had mine yesterday with my DS (20 months) and mindee (2 years). I really just let them do the things they wanted to do, but strategically placed some nice things around so that they picked up the bits that are easier to interact with them with (if you follow me). The train track sounds ideal, if he likes to play with it, then how about a book, maybe one about trains (if he's interested) and the water would be fab, make sure you say some thing to the inspector about water safety if you do that though! All the things you've said sound great and seem easy to set up. Keep things simple worked for me!

If it's any help she was very interested in hand washing, and just watched how I chatted to them. Also she mentioned different textures - fabric, wood, natural stuff, she was very into that sort of thing, so have a few bits and bobs about that aren't elc plastic stuff (not that she criticised that at all), also get him to do some pictures and put them up. I'm sure you do all this already, but just brain storming what she said.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

iMum Tue 08-Jul-08 11:26:14

oh phil, thanks for the reply-just one more thing, how long was she with you for?

philmassive Tue 08-Jul-08 11:41:45

She got to me at about 9.40 and she left at 12.20, but in all fairness she did spend the last 20 minutes or so just chatting and it was pouring with rain so I don't think she wanted to leave, she'd already told me my outcome by then (although I was very careful to still be on my absolutely 100% best behaviour in that time grin)

Oh, don't forget to sign her in and out either!

iMum Thu 10-Jul-08 13:37:17

I got a good!!

its all over,and I feel better already!

she got to me at 10 and left at about 12.20 so not tooooo bad.

philmassive Thu 10-Jul-08 17:18:14

Well done! It's such a relief when they leave isn't it?

JenniPenni Thu 17-Jul-08 23:48:24

My inspection is on Tuesday... and I am sitting here at midnight trying to write more policies ;) Paranoia has set in! haha

Ripeberry Fri 18-Jul-08 11:30:21

Hi i'm still in the process of registering and trying to get the house and garden sorted.
Just wanted to ask what happens on the first inspection, when they check you are a suitable person and you have to know the 14 criterias.
Do they prompt you? or do you have to memorise every little thing writting in the books OR do you just apply it to your setting?
If i have to memorise all that, i'm sure to go blank without prompting wink

JenniPenni Fri 18-Jul-08 12:44:50

They will prompt you. Go over them so they are fresh in your mind, but they should prompt you.

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