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what do you charge for school runs?

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skuzy Tue 01-Feb-05 12:18:17

I'm a new childminder and would like to know what other childminders charge for the school run? And also what do you charge if you take siblings to/from school?

RTKangaMummy Tue 01-Feb-05 12:31:27

dont do school runs but bumping for you

Ask KatieMac this evening

They will be working atm

skuzy Tue 01-Feb-05 13:04:12

will do thanks

alison222 Tue 01-Feb-05 13:37:29

Don't want to post that here. Have a look at the councli website for rates around you.
For pick-ups charge by the hour at your top hourly rate

alison222 Tue 01-Feb-05 13:59:58

Meant council- all fingers and thumbs today,

KatieMac Tue 01-Feb-05 18:11:39

I charge the hourly rate (with a minimum)

ie collect at 3.15 - home by 3.40 - collected by parent at 4 = one hours rate

I don't break down less than half an hour.....

I would charge full fee for siblings (2 to school = 2xhourly rate)

Is that clear?

Or are you as confused as me?

ssd Tue 01-Feb-05 19:17:49

I charge the same hourly rate that I use all day.

I found when breaking it down to before and after school or during the day was too confusing for me. So I just charge the same all of the time!

It probably varies from area to area what the charges are...

skuzy Tue 01-Feb-05 20:48:37

thank you all very much. That's very helpful!

KatieMac Tue 01-Feb-05 20:59:34

How new a childminder are you - I've been at it for about 20 seems like forever (in a nice way)

skuzy Thu 03-Feb-05 11:33:10

very new. I'm just in the process of registering. I've been passed by Ofsted. Just waiting for the police checks to complete now. I have cared for children in the past but never done a school run.
where about's are you?
Any childminder tips?

Bozza Thu 03-Feb-05 11:49:30

Is that all KatieMac - you always sound so experienced!

KatieMac Thu 03-Feb-05 18:27:45

I think I sound experienced 'cos I'm such a bossy cow

Really I think it's 'cos I started when my DD was already at school, so I didn't have any of my own (at home) to 'cloud' my judgements/decisions. I have gone into it as a business not out of any 'need' or 'desire' to stay at home. It's all been a thought out concious decision.

Also I'm from a very paperwork/admin/business background (civil Service) so I have no problems doing something because "thats the way it has to be" rather than needing to be convinced that that is the right way to do it.....

And My G-P's and parents both ran a series of small businesses, so I grew up with it ...

Finally ....I'm dead greedy

alison222 Fri 04-Feb-05 09:57:01

LOL KatieMac, I bet you are not at all bossy or greedy - (except for when it comes to telling small children what to do).

elliott Fri 04-Feb-05 10:46:47

can I pick your brains please? what is the usual policy for paying for a child being taken and dropped off at pre-school nursery (a full day just like a school day). Would I have to pay just for the beginning and end bit of the day or all the hours in between as well?

KatieMac Fri 04-Feb-05 12:52:10

If there was an emergency who would pick up the child. (ie if the nursery was closed at 11 .15 say) If it's the childminder then you pay for the whole day. If you would come home from work then it would probably be the before and after bit - but it might not fit into the childminders routine

ie an 8-9 and 3-4 it's only 2 hours and it could stop me earning from 8-4 iykwim

Different C/Mers have different priorities - I wouldn't do it...I couldn't afford to

I'm assuming btw that the child is under 5 and would take one of my under five places

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Feb-05 12:59:59

also what would you want to happen in school holidays?

If you dont pay then there wont be spacein holidays

What about staff inset days?

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