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Calling all living in Ireland with a Nanny

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mishmash Sun 30-Jan-05 15:47:35

I have a nanny, with us almost two years. I think we are very fair to her and don't take advantage of her at all. Would just like to hear from others who have a Nanny to share some information - usual stuff, rates of pay, holidays, how you treat them, what little extras you give them etc...

Look forward to hearing from anybody - just want to satisfy myself that she is very well looked after.

mishmash Tue 01-Feb-05 17:55:46

Was I too forward? Didn't mean to be - just I don't know anyone else with a Nanny and want to know I am doing things right

KatieMac Tue 01-Feb-05 18:14:04

Sorry - don't have a nanny and I'm not in Ireland.....but bump this occasionally and I'm sure someone will want to chat......

Good Luck

mishmash Tue 01-Feb-05 18:19:59

Aw thanks Katie, that was sweet of you to answer even if you couldn't help, I am still very much a newcomer

KatieMac Tue 01-Feb-05 18:22:09

Don't worry I regularily get no or very few answers to some questions.....I think the title often needs to be phrased 'just right' ......and I hardly ever get it 'just right'

MN is very addictive tho'

irishbird Tue 01-Feb-05 18:23:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mishmash Tue 01-Feb-05 18:48:48

Where are you based Irishbird?

irishbird Tue 01-Feb-05 19:37:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nicm Wed 02-Feb-05 10:19:05

hi mishmash. l live in ni and am a childminder so not sure about a nanny! if you try you might get more answers to your question as it's an irish forum. hth and i'm allowed to put the name of the other website on here?

pinotgrigio Wed 02-Feb-05 11:03:33

Hi Mishmash. I have a nanny but I don't live in Ireland. I thought at least this would help even if I'm not in the same place.

I pay her £250 per week net plus £50 cash each week for food and expenses. She works from 7.40am to 6pm Monday through to Thursday and does a couple of hours ironing for me on Friday. She has 20 days paid holiday per year and I pay her when she's sick.

She's live in and has her own room with tv/dvd/stereo but no en-suite (although she was given the choice of an en-suite room). She doesn't do evening or weekend work or babysitting, but that's because I never go out . If I had a bit more of a social life I'd expect a couple of nights babysitting.

In general we treat her as a member of the family - I have a DVD account set up for her to rent as many DVDs as she likes during the month and various TV music channel subscriptions for her. If she's been particularly helpful, especially without prompting I'll buy her a thank you present.

If I don't have to work one day then I'll give her the day off fully paid. This probably happens a couple of days per month.

I'd like to think we're a nice family for her. We're not as rich as many of the other nanny families in the area and she doesn't have her own nanny flat and Audi (this doesn't bother me, but I suspect it bothers her!!) but we don't treat her like a slave and have welcomed her as a member of the family (in real life this means letting her lounge around on the sofas in the evening watching Sex in the City while DP & I huddle upstairs round a portable trying to watch Sky News and helping herself liberally to my chocolate stash ).

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