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CM is ill how do I find one for tomorrow?

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moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 20:58:37

I have a big day at work tomorrow and must be in. What do I do? am in a total panic now. CM does not have an alternative minder.

FourArms Wed 25-Jun-08 20:59:18

Whereabouts are you?

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:00:21

South Bedfordshire

FourArms Wed 25-Jun-08 21:03:25

You could try searching childcare link for childminders near you and having a ring around. Can the CM suggest anyone, even if she doesn't have a formal arrangment with them?

nbee84 Wed 25-Jun-08 21:04:54

Where in South Beds. Postcode?

Am in Hatfield, have a car, could travel to you?

Swedes Wed 25-Jun-08 21:07:00

How old is/are your child/children?

Mercy Wed 25-Jun-08 21:09:18

How big is big?

D you have a partner, can they not take the day off?

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:11:31

no DH works in the city and firm would not be impressed besides DH could not cope all day on his own with DS.

DS is only little still and not quite 10mo which makes it a bit harder.

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:12:19

tried childcare link once before but everyone said no and many said they no longer do it but could not get details removed.

Cammelia Wed 25-Jun-08 21:12:58

dh can't cope with his nearly 10 month old on his own shock

nbee84 Wed 25-Jun-08 21:13:50

Did you see my post moocowme. Would somebody coming to you for the day be an option?

berkschick Wed 25-Jun-08 21:15:22

Have you tried here

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:15:50

no DHis not really good in a crisis. he can do it for an hour or two but a whole day would be too much for him as he does not have the patients of a women.

nbee that could be a possibility

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:18:04

tried emergency child care before as well and they were a bit out of date. registration fee was a bit ofputing but found a way round it in the end.

Mercy Wed 25-Jun-08 21:18:06

Your dh should be able to cope for one day - ditto his firm.

I know that's not helpful but it's how I feel.

Ermm, any friends, family etc nearish? (I'm sure you've thought of that!) Any nanny agency type places near you?

nbee84 Wed 25-Jun-08 21:18:53

I am actually a Nanny that works Mon-Weds, but have also been a childminder previously (between 1996 and 2006). Have 2 children of my own (19, 14) and over 20 years experience - much of that with babies.

Whereabouts are you?

Surreynanny Wed 25-Jun-08 21:22:05

I am a maternity consultant that used to nanny and maternity nurse and am free tomorrow is that of any help, not as cheap as childminder though.

pointydog Wed 25-Jun-08 21:23:22

dh woud not cope for a day?

well fuck me

moocowme Wed 25-Jun-08 21:24:06

i don't have a single relation in this hemishere. all my friends are a bit older really and not sure they would cope for the whole day with a lo as he is a bit demanding.

berkschick Wed 25-Jun-08 21:25:19

Could DH have him for the morning and a friend for the afternoon then neither of them having to cope for the whole day!

pointydog Wed 25-Jun-08 21:26:13

moocow is really jumping at two people's offers to help out

ranting Wed 25-Jun-08 21:26:53

Where are you in South Beds? Off the A1? I have the number (somewhere) of a couple of registered CMs in that area, not sure if they have spaces but worth a shot.

Surreynanny Wed 25-Jun-08 21:27:09

My email is surreynanny at hotmail dot co dot uk if I can be of any help.

Mercy Wed 25-Jun-08 21:27:45

Indeedy pointydog

Moocowme, most 10 month old babies are demanding. Ask, or rather tell dp take a day's leave

Swedes Wed 25-Jun-08 21:29:44

Pointy - I think she's waiting for the bidding to come down. grin

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