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childminders - can i have your opinions please?

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nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 09:28:30

bit long, sorry


2 yrs ago my dd started at a childminders when she was 6 mths old. at that time the childminder had another little girl (who was 18mths) and also 3 of her own children (the youngest is 8 yrs old). a yr ago the childminder told me the mother of the other little girl was pg. so was i, we were due the same wk. i was a bit worried cos that meant that when our babies were born, eventually the childminders would have

a 3 and a 1/2 yr old
my dd, 2 and a 1/2 yrs
2 babies, both 6 mths

i was worried because i thought it would be too much for her, and also is it within guidelines?

anyway, it transpired that the other family (who live in a different village) had decided to send both their children to a nursery nearer to their house. i was quite glad.

but yesterday my childminder told me that they had become to not like the nursery, and they were looking to move to this village (apparently the school is better) so could they change their minds again and now bring the 2 children? i am very worried, this family has messed my childminder about and i dont know if she will be able to manage all the children, especially 2 6 mths old

am i worrying over nothing? is it within legal guidelines?

if she cannot cope, will my 2 children be the 1st to go, since the other child was there before any of my 2?

should i tell her how i feel or will she be annoyed?

thanks for reading

ps the other 2 children will be going full time, my 2 will be going 2 days a week

she also looks after 2 primary school age children after school, who she goes and collects

the other thing is the 3 and a half yr old goes to a playgp in the village they live in just now, and my childminder doesnt drive, so they have asked my childminders husband if he will pick her up at 3 every day. is this allowed? (its none of my business i know, just wondering)

thanks again

hercules Wed 26-Jan-05 09:44:44

I thought they could only have one under a year.
If i were you, i'd think that was too much for anyone.

alison222 Wed 26-Jan-05 09:50:01

At any one time a childminder can look after 6 children under 8, of which no more than 3 can be under 5 and no more than 1 of these under 1.
That is usually. They do make exceptions for babies occasionally though. E.g. if you have another baby and the childminder already looks after an under one, to avoid disrupting the continuity of care for your older child. The childminder has to demonstrate how she could cope with them all at once and how she can transport them etc etc.
I don't know if they would count the children coming back from a nursery to her as continuity of care however, because she stopped looking after them. I guess it would depend on her inspector. She would have to apply to OFSTED to see.
If you are concerned you should ask her if she has done this, or even do it yourself if you are really worried.
BUT, in order to keep good relations with your childminder you should hopefully be able to discuss it with her. After all you are paying for her to look after your children and it is natural for you to need to be sure that they are being looked after as you would wish. I'm sure if you are non-confrontational and ask her about it she ought to be OK about it. She should be prepared to justify looking after 2 babies to you as she certainly would have to to OFSTED if this is all above board
I don't know about the husband collecting the child at all.

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 09:50:02

so let me get this right

CM has 3 children all 8 years or older {they dont count}

so Mrs X children a 3 year old and a baby 6 months

Your 2 year old and your 6 month old

Unless she has clearance from ofsted

she can have not more than 3 under 5 years

not more than 1 under 12 months

Is husband registered as assistant because that is important?

My DH is allowed to provide emergancy care he still has first aid and police checks {he is teacher btw}

I got clearance last year to care for 2 babies with parents and ofsted clearance and written permission.

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 09:53:28

that is right RT

her husband has nothing to do with the childminding.

i think when we both told her we were pg she didnt want to say no to either of us, but when she decided to take them both to nursery she has a damn cheek to ask if she can change her mind and bring them back

but i think my childminder should say no

but i have no right to tell her that? if i do she will get the hump with me anyway and maybe say that she would rather have the other two, cos they are full time

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 09:54:35

childminder didnt want to say no

mrs x has a damn cheek

this is complicated

hope you get my meaning

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 09:54:58

No more than:

5 children under 8 years

of these not more than 3 may be under 5 years

and of these not more than 1 may be under 12 months at any one time

This is copied off my Ofsted certificate @ June 2004

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 09:56:28

so what should i do?

i really like her, dd adores her

i think she (childminder) is too soft and cant say no. mrs x is very scary

Bozza Wed 26-Jan-05 09:59:08

Its a bit tricky isn't it? Because really you should have first priority IMO because you were there first (the other woman left) but obviously 2 days a week is less income than full time for the CM. Think you should mention the rules and imply that you are concerned that Ofsted would not allow it.

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 09:59:33

What job does her husband do?

I can understand CM being torn between Mrs X full time and your part time

If she is doing it full time then that makes it hard for her to fill other spaces from other 3 days

Is it alsways same days?

I work part time and I really enjoy my time off so I can mumsnet but I am a minority

Bozza Wed 26-Jan-05 10:00:48

If the CM really wants to say no but is too soft (which I can understand) can't you have a chat with her and sort of get her round to saying No on the grounds that Ofsted won't allow it. So she is sort of passing the buck to Ofsted rather than having to take the rap direct from Mrs X.

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:02:31

when is her next inspection because when it arrives she has to give you a confidencial form to fill in about what you like and dont like about the situation

It can be sent to ofsted or given back to childminder

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 10:03:23

her husband works shifts, early mornings

but i think i have 1 st refusal cos i have not messed her around. if they dont get a house in this village they will change their minds again (mr and mrs x)

i take dd mondays and fridays only, always the same

can someone advise me on what to do? my biggest fear is that dd2 will miss out on cuddles

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 10:03:56

she had an inspection in nov, when it was going ot be only my 2

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:08:54

When does 3 yr old go to playgroup?

Is it 12?

What does she do about naps?


DOes your 2 yr old go in buggy ususally?

the 2 babies is fine IMHO same as twins

I looked after newborn triplets and a 2 year old in canada as a nanny

It depends how organised she is?

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:10:50

she does need written permission from ofsted first and she has to say what she will do as far as organising

When I had 2 babies both sets of parents signed an agreement and I sent copies to ofsted

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:11:29

BTW I only had the 2 babies not toddlers as well

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 10:17:31

i think the 3 yr old goes to playgp every day, dont know what time she starts but she finishes at 3 when childminders dh will collect her

she is going to get a double buggy for the babies, in the meantime she has asked me if she can use my baby carrier

naps are usually in the buggy, but i have given her a bouncy chair for my dd2

my 2 yr old walks most places

she is quite organised but very forgetful

i dont want to tell her what to do, she has been a childminder for ages so she should know about the regulations

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:27:13

does 2 year old have naps?

IMHO they should be in cots or travel cots for sleeps but I am very very very fussy loads of people put them in buggies

I would deffo contact ofsted to ask about 2 babes though

what about highchairs?

changing facilities?

does she use gloves?

does she have sep changing mat?

food do you provide or does she?

what about a fire could she get all out safely?

does she have enough room for all to play?

what happens when older ones go to toilet?

does she have playpen to keep babies safe?

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 10:32:16

my dd1 has naps, but not usually at childminders its too noisy

i bought a travel cot for use with my dd1 when she was a baby but childminder has admitted she has never used it

she has 1 highchair

changing facilities are the leather couch

no gloves

i provide all food, daily

she does have a lot of room

my dd1 will be being potty trained next few mths

no playpen

rt, im worried if i tell the authorities i will have to find another childminder

hercules Wed 26-Jan-05 10:33:38

thats a goodpoint about getting them out if there is a fire.

nailpolish Wed 26-Jan-05 10:36:40

i know, i dont think i can honestly think about that

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:39:53

what do you mean the couch?

she does use a mat i pressume?

does she have a double sided one numbered

ie 1 on one side for mrs X children

and 2 on other side for your dds

where is toilet?

what will she do with babies while taking others to toilet?

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:41:23

how does she wash hands if not using gloves?

sorry about fire it is a question a fellow childminder was asked during inspection?

RTKangaMummy Wed 26-Jan-05 10:44:11

oops sorry I seem to have gone too far


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