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*HELP - Need to find a nursery or childminder in Muswell Hill*

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Cindorrella Mon 24-Jan-05 15:27:46

Help....I am just over my first trimester but am looking for a childminder or nursery in Muswell Hill as I know many have waiting lists of over a year.

Does anyone of any pointers of where I can go to search for some or can you recommend one (the less expensive the better of course)


ayla99 Tue 25-Jan-05 10:52:19

You can find a list of registered childminderss & day nurseries by typing muswell hill at This will take you to North London CIS (I recommend phoning as not all childcarers allow their details to be posted on the internet).

Although most cms will be happy for you to visit and discuss the service they provide, you should be aware that the National Childminding Association advise cms not to enter into a contract until after the birth of the child.

Blu Tue 25-Jan-05 10:56:17

Try SimplyChildcare - they have a website which explains how it works - but often good childminders advertise there, and you can place your own ad.

bundle Tue 25-Jan-05 11:03:17

we're in finsbury park if you can't find anything closer i can CAT you the details of our nursery (close to the tube, smallish only 20 odd children and a friendly atmos)

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