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Australian au pair looking for family from September

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gooseegg Tue 10-Jun-08 17:07:06

Our au pair (19) was due to fly home at the start of September after 9mths with us.

But she loves it here so much that she is looking to stay on, and would like to find another UK family.

We would gladly keep her ourselves, but had already found a replacement for her before her decision was made to stay.

She has very good references, can drive and is great with children. She has a UK enhanced CRB check as she has been working as a childminder's assistant.

keevamum Tue 10-Jun-08 17:11:22

We are looking for childcare from September. We live in Essex a 20 min train ride from London. We have 2 kids a 7 year old and a 2year old. We would need childcare 3 days a week. The rest of the week would be free for her. Let me know details if she is interested.

legalalien Tue 10-Jun-08 17:16:06

We are looking for an au pair from sept (SE London)and might be interested (prob about 10 hours a week childcare plus one night babysitting plus a little help around the house. Does your au pair have an EU passport? Otherwise won't she have used up most of her 12 month working holiday maker allowance?

gooseegg Tue 10-Jun-08 18:02:18

legalalien I have just asked her, and yes you are right. She can STAY for 2yrs apparently, but only WORK for a max of 12mths within that time.

That would mean she could only work up until the beginning on Jan. 09, so may have limited her chances of finding a new family.

Thank you both anyway, and please anyone let me know if you might need 3mths of help from September.

bucksmum Tue 10-Jun-08 20:12:05

We could be interested we are in bucks end of metropolitan line. Our Au pair leaves us in the summer so 3 months til christmas would be great

katemannion Wed 20-Aug-08 16:01:23

I really need an au pair to start straight away. We live near south coast. Please say if your au pair is still looking for work.


gooseegg Wed 20-Aug-08 17:35:47

katemannion - she has had enough of our wet weather and has now decided to return home for an Aussie Spring.

Sorry bucksmum, I missed your message in June.

squiffy Fri 22-Aug-08 17:23:45

Katemannion - CAT me. I found a fabulous french girl who came across lovely on the phone, she was free from late august. I didn't take her myself because she didn't have a full driving license. I have her details and it looks like she is still available, according to the au-pair world website.

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