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Part-time Nanny Salary

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Palmwoods Thu 20-Jan-05 13:28:49

I'm planning on returning to work soon and am considering employing a nanny to look after my five month old daughter three days a week. Does anyone know the going rate for a part-time nanny in London?

FinanciallyChallenged Thu 20-Jan-05 14:51:21

We are in a similar situation - employ a nanny 3 days a week live out but we have 2 kids (one now at school fulltime) and we pay £9 an hour - so 90 for a full time day. Plus tax and NI (which a company called nannytax can sort out for you). But we haven't put that rate up for nearly 3 years and are starting to think we should. It is more than the average I think even for West London but I was happy to pay over the odds as is our nanny's only job and we wanted it to work out (she was studying part time too) and frankly she was head and shoulders above the other candidates. But have you thought about a nanny share - can be cheaper and fun for your baby too. Good luck

Tiggus Thu 20-Jan-05 14:58:19

You should check with the agency called EDEN that my nanny was registered with. Have spoken to them in the past and they are helpful, lots of nannies on books too.

I also ended up employing our nanny full-time because all the p-timers were the less attractive options. As a consequence I have less time with little one than I would like (altho we do "share care" sometimes) but when I am at work (from home) I can be 100% worry-free ... and believe me, after all the false starts, that is worth its weight in gold .

Financially Challenged - that does sound generous but then I live outside London.

beachyhead Mon 24-Jan-05 12:59:15

I do three days a week with our nanny. £76 a day net working 8am to 6.45pm for two children (one full time school and one part time) Our agency says anywhere between 70 - 80 a day in London, less if they bring their own child....

reindeer Mon 24-Jan-05 13:29:38

beachyhead,I'm just curious. Why is it less if they bring their own child?

HappyMumof2 Mon 24-Jan-05 13:48:10

Message withdrawn

Blu Mon 24-Jan-05 14:03:52

Reindeer - Our nanny had a child the same age as DS and looked after both of them. I paid her less because she was effectively a nannyshare, and she and I were each contributing to the costs of our own childcare. I left food for all of them, but when they did activities, I paid for DS and she paid for her DS.
Also, the wear and tear on our house/toys were considerable - and it was our heating that was on all day, not hers!

It worked really well for all of us - and it didn't seem to occur to her that she should ask for the full going rate since she had her child with her.

We wouldn't have been able to afford a nanny except under these circumstances - I paid her if she was off sick herself, but not if she had to take a day off because her DS was sick. Mostly if either child was ill, it was simultaneous and she looked after them both, anyway.

reindeer Mon 24-Jan-05 16:37:29

Yes, that makes sense now!

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