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Childminder/sitter avail soon UPDATE:

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FunCare Thu 13-Jan-05 16:58:42

It seems that in the UK the term "childminder" has a very specific meaning, In America and Ireland it is not so i would like to add that i would be looking to mind children in thier own homes, days,eves and weekends. I am working full time for a family at the moment during the week and also sit for another family every sat night as well i have built a small client base of families that contact me when they need me and if i am free i am more than happy to help. I would be interested in offering something along the same lines here.
Thank you,


kalex Thu 13-Jan-05 17:18:27


You need to give a fague location!!!

FunCare Thu 13-Jan-05 19:52:18

I did in my previous post to this...I will be moving to the midlands Leicestershire area, most likely Leicester or within a 5 to 10 mile radius of it.

ayla99 Fri 14-Jan-05 20:09:50

Hello Debbie, do you know about the Home Childcarer scheme? If you register as a childminder with Ofsted you can then apply to be a Home Childcarer (ie, working in the children's homes instead of your own as a Registered Childminder does). If you do this it will enable the parents who use you to get support with their costs through the childcare tax credit element of the Working Tax Credit.

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