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Head lice help!

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star1976 Wed 07-May-08 21:06:59

Found out that mindee (2 yrs) has headlice today, second time in three weeks.

Have of course checked my DS and he is clear (has very short hair so would see easily but combed anyway).

Have checked DD thoroughly and can find nothing but have put overnight treatment on anyway just in case.

However, have put conditioner on and done the 'bug busting' method on my hair but can find nothing. AM nervous about treating my hair as it is dyed and treatment says can effect dyed hair?

As there was NOTHING that came out of my hair, even though I struggled to do it myself, do you think I am clear?????

Would hate to think mindee is catching them here, even though I don't think that she is?

imananny Wed 07-May-08 21:21:38

aww poor you!!

me ex charges suffered from lice, we used full marks mouse, left in hair for 30mins and then rinsed

it worked well and got rid of the pesky buggers

I dye my hair and I used it,didnt have lice but thought i would treat and prevent any LURKERS in the hair and all is fine - still have some hair and colours fine grin

make sure mindees mum treats all heasd in their house and combs through and checks every day for 2 weeks

star1976 Wed 07-May-08 22:09:06

Thanks, am still nervous about treating my hair though, especially when I don't think I have them.

Thing is I have psoriasis of the scalp and it itches pretty much all the time anyway so that doesn't help as makes me really paranoid!

imananny Wed 07-May-08 22:38:05

prevention is better than cure imo

a few charges of mine have suffered over the years and amazingly enough I have never had lice ( I must have dirty hair) grin

every time the pests are about, i treat my hair - i bleach my hair and colour is the same etc - it shouldnt effect your psoriasis,as the treatment is ok to use on young childrens hair/scalps

good luck

01sara Wed 07-May-08 22:43:39

Hi, I'm a nanny and in the past my charges would often have lice/nits, and my own 2 children never seemed to get them, luckily, but the thought terrifies me so twice a week, my husband or myself go through their hair with conditioner and a nit comb, have found the odd couple but doing it like this a few times a week stops them being riddled with them!!

Raeanne Fri 09-May-08 17:49:43

Yeah, I agree with the above - best to treat yourself as well, to be safe.

phraedd Sat 10-May-08 07:59:45

get yourself a nitty gritty comb and use it 2 - 3 times a week.

They are the best thing i have ever bought!

FrannyandZooey Sat 10-May-08 08:09:22

yes don't use chemicals - very bad idea indeed if you have broken skin with your psoriasis - reread instructions and you will see it is not to be used on broken skin, I bet

use nit comb and conditioner on wet hair and comb thoroughly every 3 days on people who have live lice in their head
if you do yours a couple of times and find nothing then you don't need to treat yourself any further

FrannyandZooey Sat 10-May-08 08:11:25

you'll also see on the instructions of chemical treatments that it says not to be used unless person has live lice infestation - they are NOT to be used as a preventative - these are insecticides, have a very dubious effect on human health and are to be avoided wherever possible, not used as a 'just in case' method!

welshchick21 Tue 30-Oct-12 19:25:55

My son HAD head lice at the weekend. I literally only found 12 lice and I treated him with Headrin Once, I've since been combing his hair (wet combing with a nitty gritty comb!) twice daily and found nothing since treating him. His head is clear, there is NOTHING coming from the comb or in the scalp of his hair BUT... he's got bites and is therefore still itching. Are these left over bites that are now itching (as we all know bites itch for a few days after the event!!)?? He also has mild eczema on his scalp and i cant see which are/were bites and which is the eczema that he's been scratching and therefore making it worse!! Im looking for the nit guru woman Barbara Shenkin - does anyone have her details and/or advise...

wishiwasonholiday Tue 30-Oct-12 20:23:54

You shouldn't treat if there are no live it won't prevent them.

Nitty gritty combs are well worth it no chemicals needed just conditioner and regular combing.

ouchmyfanjo Tue 30-Oct-12 20:37:43

I have used a natural product on my dcs. Think it is called linicin?i can check of you are interested.
It is just natural oils and works by suffocating the lice. I used together with combing and repeatef few days after and it dealt with it brilliantly. I didn't find any on me but was paranoid. I used it on my dyed hair and was fine. I have a dry scalp and it actually helped it and made my hair extra shiny!

The current treatment recommended is hedrin if that helps

Rugbycomet Thu 01-Nov-12 12:48:46

Tea tree oil is a good preventative! Add some when you shampoo and then use conditioner. The lice love clean hair but if the children can bear it, keep brushing and combing as the live hate to be disturbed!!

JugglingChaotically Thu 01-Nov-12 19:32:43

Since my girls last had nits, we have used Tea Tree Shampoo and also intermittently Tea Tree Spray leave in conditioner and haven't had them since even though there gave been nits in their classes at school and both girls have long hair.
Our local chemist sells it and I'd really recommend them.

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