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Becoming a childminder's assistant... how do i go about it?

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MySonIsEatingHisSock Tue 06-May-08 20:14:24

Could anyone give me some advice on how i go about becoming a childminders assistant. i have a four month old DS and will need to start working again in september. There is a chance i could go back to my old job two days a week but if this doesn't work out (DH needs to get agreement to do a certain shift pattern)then i would like to work as an assistant with a childminder.
Does anyone know how i would go about finding a CM who wants an assistant. I have a list of all the CM's in my area, but ringing each one and just offering myself seems a bit weird!
I guess some of you will say just be a CM but i dont want to do that for lots of reasons (size of my house, confidence, lack of child experience etc)
any advice would be fab smile

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squirrel42 Wed 07-May-08 18:03:38

Maybe you could spread the word that you're available wherever childminder congregate - toddler groups, soft play areas, nursery/school pickups, here? wink

Or put an advert in your local free paper/newsagent's window/gumtree website, etc?

nannynick Wed 07-May-08 18:59:13

Ad in a newsagents window perhaps, at soft-play etc.
Would you be planning to take your DS to work with you, or would DH be caring for him?

Den1976 Wed 11-Apr-18 21:03:21

Hi all,
I"m new to mumsnet.
Does anyone know what I need to qualify to be a childminder assistant, part time please ?

jannier Thu 12-Apr-18 09:27:16

A 12 hour paediatric first aid will make you more useful as an applicant. Find someone who wants an assistant. Apply for a government gateway account so that once you have found a place you can start the application and do a dbs. You have to have a DBS for that type of setting so need a placement first unless you have already been linked to a childminder setting for a dbs in the last 6 months and can tick known to Ofsted.

natnatroswell22 Fri 13-Apr-18 09:55:11

I dont see childminding, a job. Rather than, I see it as a vocation.

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