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OOPs got this in the wrong place

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mishmash Thu 06-Jan-05 17:56:38

bear with me whilst I try once again to copy from somewhere else - Third time lucky

Yipee, Hip, Hip, Horray - my nanny is back next Monday.

Survived without her for 6 weeks but just about - have complained about her in the past but never again, well maybe never again.

Have found the going tough between trying to arrange childcare, having everyone sick in the house, rushing home from work.

And to boot my nanny or rather as she would prefer to be called "family caregiver" literally does all my housework for me except - shopping, cooking, school runs etc...

Had no contact with her for the last week and was getting a bit apprehensive that maybe she had decided to stay at home (in the Phillipines) but no she is packed and ready to leave, as she put it to come "home".

To be honest she is part of the family at this stage - she is very quiet and keeps herself to herself. Has lived in since she arrived to us 18 months ago but has asked if it is okay if she lives out - I have no problem so long as she is in for her usual start time of 8.00am in the mornings.

Her contract runs out in May but hopefully she will stay for another year.

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