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child minders at home - cambridge

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Chop Mon 03-Jan-05 20:11:14

New Years resolution is to change my child care from Nursery and afterschool club to after school home carer for beginning of summer holidays as ds begins school in sept.

I don't think I need a professional nanny (children age 8 & 4) but I do want someone to be in my home (no room for live-in) enabling the children to do their after school activities etc

Does anyone have this arrangement and any tips on how it works? is it a nanny or a childminder at home? or something else?

I'm finding the whole thing a bit daunting and can see 6 months of getting in a twist about it all.


KatieMac Tue 04-Jan-05 17:39:06

Look on the NCMA wesite - you can get a childminder to work in your home....

Tiggus Thu 20-Jan-05 12:41:39

I live in Cambridge too and found it really hard to find any at-home childminders / au pairs / trainee nannies. I felt I didn't need a nanny as I work at home and didn't want to shell out huge amounts. IN the end, I couldn't find anyone despite 4 months' advertising and talking to agencies, local colleges etc. THis is because most childminders are mums with their own kids so can only work in your home when their kids aren't around. They have also opted for childminding because it means they can work from home too.

So we opted for a nanny (through Practically perfect nannies based in Saffron W - definitely rec the lady there). Nanny has since suggested that another way for people in my situation to get help is to sign up to the Norland nanny agency who send nannies to live in for cheap while they complete their trial year before graduation. Seems to be the only nanny college that does this. You would need to contact them directly (google Norland).

Good luck

Chop Mon 31-Jan-05 19:09:56

thanks for that... funnily enough I spoke to Practically Perfect Nannies today - and they are sending me some information. Unfortunately I don't have the space for a live-in or I'd go for the Norland option - its just not easy this childcare lark is it?

cat82 Mon 31-Jan-05 19:35:33

Chop- Wierdly i thought about nannies today and somone directed me to this thread!
Do practicaly perfect nannies have a website at all?
(sorry to hijack your thread!)

Tiggus Tue 01-Feb-05 14:55:54

PPNannies lady is called Sue Ingle tel no 01799 540048. Hope that helps.

cat82 Tue 01-Feb-05 14:59:31

Thank you Tiggus

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