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Part time childcare

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Tipex Sat 01-Jan-05 18:12:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twiglett Sat 01-Jan-05 18:31:00

You don't know till you ask .. personally I wouldn't start looking at childminders until about 3 months before you are due to go back to work .. because availability changes so rapidly

there are many many women who go back part time so there is no reason you won't find a place

of course its terrifying ..

but you need to relax and enjoy it

take it a step at a time tipex .. it'll be fine

if you wanted to look at nurseries .. I would suggest doing that now because they have longer waiting lists


oh and congratulations

Yorkiegirl Sat 01-Jan-05 18:47:44

Message withdrawn

Tipex Sat 01-Jan-05 21:48:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ladymuck Sat 01-Jan-05 22:05:22

Agree with Twiglett - I've found that nurseries can have quite long waiting list esp for under-1s, but anyone childminder who is on the current lcouncil list will have their spaces filled by August (if they're any good!). Have to say that all my firneds who use childminders use them on a part-time basis, so it is fairly common.

When first going back to work I opted for a nanny, and allowed 8 weeks to find the right person (but that included them giving notice). Our council service advised allowing 6 weeks to find a c/m. My preferred nursery was fully booked a year before ds1 was born...can't work out how anyone manages to book a place before they've conceived, but heyho.

alibubbles Sun 02-Jan-05 07:53:50

As a childminder I would reccommend that you go and see a few childminders whilst you are on maternity leave and get an idea of who is about and if you think they would be suitable for you and your baby.

It is almost impossible to predict a vacancy as most childminders contracts state a month's notice, but sometimes have an idea of when a child is likely to move on - nursery/school etc.

When you have had your baby, go and see the ones you liked first time round, with your baby, and take it from there.

I have had a lady come and see me for Jan 06, and another lady who I first spoke to in Dec 03 will be starting back to work with a friend c/m I put her in touch with next month.

The two sisters I have part time came to see me when the mum was pregnant with the second, and didn'tstart with me until the baby was 8 months old, so we originally met each other 15 months ago! I didn;t have a vacancy, but knew that I would have and took a deposit for the place. I would never take a retainer unless the place was available and the baby had been born.

This lady knew she wanted the places and I knew that I could fill the places 10 times over, so would have to turn other people away, the deposit showed good faith on her part, and in the event I did not have a place I would return the deposit.She was happy as she knew that she had first choice on the place.

Childminding aaavailibility can change quickly and it depends on the are you live in, where I am, there is a very high demand,for childminders, especially for baby places, despite having over 1000 day nursery places in the town,

No childnminder will mind you coming for a chat, I have a list of questions on here somewhere for you to ask a childminder, to make sure you cover everything you want to know.

Good luck!

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