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PREGNANT MN CHILDMINDERS - come over here......

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looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 20:21:06

Right, as mentioned in the staffroom, there is definitely something in the water!! grin Due to there being a few of us now, I thought we should have a thread to keep tabs on when everyone is due etc.

I'll put the info I know so far, come and add yourself/your details or even better, copy and paste this list and update accordingly

Crace - C-section booked for ??? May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
eleanorsmum - EDD ????
MamaG - EDD ???

I know there are others but I just can't remember now (don't you just love the pregnancy brain!). Tori has her baby last night and I think another had theirs recently too but still thought there were more pregnant C/Ms????

kkey21 Thu 27-Mar-08 20:31:10 i am! I have added to the bottom of the list!

Crace - C-section booked for ??? May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
eleanorsmum - EDD ????
MamaG - EDD ???
kkey21 - EDD 27th August

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 20:54:20

Just found some missing info so updated. Hi kkey21, sorry I forgot you, I knew there were more out there!! grin

Crace - C-section booked 23rd May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
kkey21 - EDD 27th August
eleanorsmum - EDD 11th November
MamaG - EDD ???

libbysmummy Thu 27-Mar-08 21:27:11

And me!!! I have added myself to the bottom....

Crace - C-section booked 23rd May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
kkey21 - EDD 27th August
eleanorsmum - EDD 11th November
MamaG - EDD ???
libbysmummy - EDD 14th July

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 21:35:45

This is great....can have our own little anti-natal group going on here wink.

Move LibbysMum a bit further up so we're in order of due date

Crace - C-section booked 23rd May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
libbysmummy - EDD 14th July
kkey21 - EDD 27th August
eleanorsmum - EDD 11th November
MamaG - EDD ???

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 21:46:12

Updated again. If we had one in Sept and one in Oct, we'd have CMs popping babies out each month from May through til near the end of the year! grin

Crace - C-section booked 23rd May
Looneytune - EDD 23rd June (BOY)
libbysmummy - EDD 14th July
kkey21 - EDD 27th August
MamaG - EDD 1st November
eleanorsmum - EDD 11th November

libbysmummy Thu 27-Mar-08 21:53:06

There are a few of us!!!!

It's nice to know I am not the only CM with a big old bump.

How are you guys finding it? I was working full time in an office with my daughter which was SO easy compared to this!

The school run is killing me at the mo as I have to drive and one of my mindees weighs a ton and doesn't help get himself in and out of the car seat in any way (well he is only 2 but still....wink

Also. when are you working up to?

shoshe Thu 27-Mar-08 21:54:02

Can I be honoury (sp) granny to them all grin

kkey21 Thu 27-Mar-08 22:00:16

I was a Nanny when pregnant with my son who is now 2.5yrs so well used to the pregnancy V children situation!

I had worked Tues-Thurs 7.30am-6pm with 2 under two and my son but one of them has just left as he moved town so i am not picking up anymore children as i intend on having 9mths off! I expect i will be giving up around mid July........

How exciting our own group! Where are we all? I am in Hertfordshire.

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 22:08:00

I'm finding it pretty hard going now. Tbh, I struggled from about 12 weeks gone but turned out that when I fell at 12 weeks (yeah, silly me fell off a chair!), I knocked my pelvis out quite a bit and it was very wonky. The Oestopath fixed that for me and I was feeling MUCH better til the last few days and now hurting again but I think this is more down to normal pregnancy pains doing a job lifting babies all day and rushing about. Agree, the office was MUCH easier than this!!! And yes, the school run is the killer isn't it!!! I'm counting the weeks til I finish!!! wink

My last day is 6th June which is 3 weeks before baby is due. I'm taking 12 weeks off and starting back on 1st September.

I'm in Berkshire

And Shoshe.....course you can!!! grin

MamaG Thu 27-Mar-08 22:24:30

You do know I'm not actually a CM don't you? grin

Yes, shoshe, get your knitting needles out!

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 22:27:33

Sorry MamaG - I can't keep up with what everyone is grin Remind me, are you a nanny??

MamaG Thu 27-Mar-08 22:28:28

No, I'm a lawyer

I just like the chat in the staffroom!

looneytune Thu 27-Mar-08 22:30:35

grin PMSL, I forgot!!! You can stay on here if you want though? You are a member of the staff room after all and we do seem to be responsible wink

MamaG Thu 27-Mar-08 22:31:41

oh I intend to, don't worry grin

crace Fri 28-Mar-08 07:15:25

Honorary guest as always MamaG - we have to let you in as it was the staffroom that got you "in this trouble" wink

I am finding it very hard, but I don't like to admit it. Am 31 weeks tomorrow and huge. I can and do get on the floor with them and can move right quick when i need to (for a fat bird ) but it's a nightmare.

I finish up in 5 weeks today.

It seems forever, but am about to do my last monthly invoice and that's quite exciting.

Oh, and a note, don't forget to get your MA done - by 26 weeks!

looneytune Fri 28-Mar-08 07:36:24

crace - BY 26 weeks??? I thought you couldn't do UNTIL 26 weeks? I only got my MATB1 this week, I'm 27 weeks gone. Don't scare me!

eleanorsmum Fri 28-Mar-08 08:17:38

morning! this was great idea looney! i'm sure the other cm's in the staff room have got a bit fed up of all our baby chatter!

Don't like being bottom of the list though! am quietly hoping baby will be bit early like dd was! am sure dates will adjust at next scan grin they better!

i also thought you can't apply for MA until 26 weeks!

just tentatvily asked dd if she'd like a brother or sister and she cried! said no mummy! so won't tell her this weekend then! was going to as we had picture! also got book there's a house in mummys tummy!

So when did you tell siblings and how? please give me some advice!

crace Fri 28-Mar-08 08:27:20

Do it now LT!! Has to be in around this time

I still haven't received word if it's been approved or not - they are a month + around here.

shoshe Fri 28-Mar-08 08:28:15

Sorry girls cant knit anymore, fingers to stiff! (God I DO sound like a Granny, I'm not I'm a Nan!)

So Tori is the first to have and SingleG the last, have I got that right?

Went to see the new baby last night taking her big sister, OMG she looks about a month old she is so big!

And she young Lucy has no newborn mew, she is LOUD, but then ....................

Tori is not exactly the quiet sort grin

crace Fri 28-Mar-08 08:28:22

No, you can't until 26 weeks but you should get it out about then

crace Fri 28-Mar-08 08:29:27

mindingmum Fri 28-Mar-08 09:11:55

Congrats to you all smile smile smile

I'm not expecting (thank the lord!!) but I just love baby talk so will be avidly following progress

And I'm a total pram-aholic so good to go on that front too grin - as my RL friends would say - if you can name a pram/buggy/pushchair then I've owned one blush

MamaG Fri 28-Mar-08 09:54:49

OK Shosh-Nan, we'll let you off the knitting! I think I'm due 1st Nov - it was a quick flick through the calendar on my phone - I'm 8 weeks and 6 days today, so I just counted the weeks until 40 weeks! Eleanorsmum, I went overdue with both my other two children, so I'll probably be having mine around 11/12 Nov, so make sure you're on time or early and you won't be the last grin

eleanorsmum Fri 28-Mar-08 10:15:41

any of you had a chicken pox scare? dd has just come down with it today. have alerted all mindees parents, speaking to doc later today. dd is fine just spotty. i had a blood test yesterday and they were doing my cp immunity anyway as i told them dd had been exposed. so will that show it ok, i'll talk to the doc later anyway about it all. i'm sure its psycosematic (sp!) but i'm all itchy today!

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