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first aid training..need to do my 12 hour course and can't find a weekend one locally

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PellMell Wed 12-Mar-08 22:41:12

Other than St john's ambulance, which organisations can I try?

nannynick Thu 13-Mar-08 06:47:09

Red Cross

There are also many smaller first aid training companies. Try Googling 1st Aid Training / First Aid Training.

ayla99 Thu 13-Mar-08 06:50:41

Red Cross. Contact local colleges or any where else that might be used as a venue. Your Early Years Development & Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) may also be able to help. Mine told me if I couldn't find a course they'd try & get me on with the ones they schedule for new childminders.


PellMell Thu 13-Mar-08 09:38:50

Thanks for your replies,
Actually I am trying to get around to doing this to get on to the ofsted registered Nannies list.
I am also revisiting the idea of becoming a childminder. Unfortunately after doing the course last year, I had a crisis of confidence (re-setting up a business from home)
I have thrown away all the course materials and have no idea how to get started.

The forms have just arrived from ofsted but I'm a bit concerned about my knowledge of policies etc.

PellMell Thu 13-Mar-08 09:42:37

Unless I am mistaken the Red cross course is for In-company training only.
St Johns ambulance had loads during the week and evenings.
I would prefer a weekend one so I don't have to pay for childcare on top of the £75 course fee

nannynick Thu 13-Mar-08 18:35:14

What a pain, Red Cross used to the courses but it was many many years ago that I did a Red Cross course. I've been doing St John courses for about the past 9 years.
Have you tried looking at St John courses further away from your home? You may find that in another area, say an hours drive away, they do run weekend courses. They certainly run Weekend courses here in Surrey (my course in Feb was done over 2 Saturday daytimes).

Where are you located?

nannynick Thu 13-Mar-08 23:37:33

Why not St Johns? If you are not ruling them out due to some dislike of their courses, then can I suggest you look again at their 1st Aid Training website to see what is possible in your area. You may need to look several months in advance, so courses running in May / June.

PellMell Fri 14-Mar-08 09:43:20

Thanks nannynick.
Oh no, I don't dislike them at all. I just couldn't find one locally as quickly as I had hoped.
There were many on weekdays or spread over 4 weekends but I wanted a 9 till 3 sat and sun one really
After searching their website I phoned the local headquaters yesterday.
They were so helpful and even though the website said full, there were some spaces (maybe cancellations).
I am now booked on one for April.grin

nannynick Fri 14-Mar-08 18:51:28

Good to hear you have sorted it out. My next suggestion was going to be to call their local office, as they often know of courses which aren't on the website.

MAGS46 Tue 05-Jul-11 11:13:31

Hi if you would like a course and have a group of people also suitable venue the redcross may come to you at a time and place to suit you.

foodjunkie Wed 06-Jul-11 14:38:46


They were fantastic. Made it fun.

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