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playgroups in Cambridge

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alais Mon 20-Dec-04 09:42:43

Hi Mumsnet,

I have to spend at least three days in Cambridge, and am forced to take 3-year-old ds with me (dh working away at that time, no relatives can help, boo). Can anyone recommend a softplay or drop-in nursery in Cambridge that I could pop her into with helpful friend, while I do the professional bit?
Secondly, can anyone recommend a hotel that has creche/softplay facilities? I know I'm asking for the moon, really, but I'd rather know I can keep my ds busy and happy (and avoid the usual mother-haters going odd because there's a brat in the college grounds!)

Love to all

Nome Mon 20-Dec-04 10:11:04

There are a couple of P+T groups in the centre, more further out and no soft play... If you're in college, I assume it's out of term-time. Some colleges have nurseries, maybe they have spaces. Just guessing wildly really!

Tiggus Thu 20-Jan-05 12:27:36

No drop-in nursery that I have heard of here, but Uni colleges do have nurseries with long waiting lists. These include Caius, Queens. Otherwise, if your friend has a car, there is CAmbridge Tumbletots every day of the week in surrounding villages - call 01223 263412. There is a toddler group at St Andrews Church opp Christs in town every Weds am ("Bounce Around") also St marks Chruch, Barton Rd, playgroup Newnham on a Thurs am.

Good luck!

ayla99 Thu 20-Jan-05 14:17:25

Don't know when you are/were going to Cambridge?

In Hardwick (about 6 miles out of Cambridge & easy access to park & ride) theres a b&b 01954 210347, just down the road is an Ofsted registered childminder will take temporary/occasional placements (minimum 2 hour charge) That way your helpful friend need not be inconvenienced.

Don't know if soft play area is still at Abbey Swimming Pool? Newmarket Road 01223 213352. Would your friend take ds swimming? Parkside Swimming Pool is nearer the city centre 01223 446100. Public Library is at Lion Yard Shopping Centre. NB Lion Yard car park will have restricted places because of building works.


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