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KatieMaChristmas Wed 15-Dec-04 21:15:33

OK - so I'm on a big advertising kick for January I have 10 'days' to fill.

A very kind mum at school has just drawn me a 'logo' with a tree on it and a squirral eating a nut in the middle.

This is 'cos I use Childminding @ Walnut Corner as my trading name (not sure about the legalities of this).

I am also setting up a Before & After school club and a holiday playscheme - I thought to call this Squirrals @ Walnut Corner (BTW Walnut Corner is the name of my house), but I'm concerned that this will only appeal to the Mums and the kids will be embarassed.

I am also going to push occasional minding - I was origional (earlier in the year) going to call this "Katie Pop-ins" after very helpful suggestions from Mumsnetters - but now wonder whether I should 'Brand it' like the others? - But I can't think of anything

Any thoughts/ideas anyone??

KatieMaChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 11:56:01


or is this too businessy for this time of year

ssd Thu 16-Dec-04 12:05:36

Hi KM, I didn't want you thinking you were being ignored

I was trying ti think of a name for you, but I can't think of anything better than Katie pop- ins. I really like that name!

Will try to make a better suggestion later, just about to do the nursery run!

KangaSantaMummy Thu 16-Dec-04 12:18:40

sorry KMc

I really like Katie**pop-ins too.

If you did then do a logo of siloette of mary poppins maybe

I know I am being dim but do squirrels eat Walnuts?

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 16-Dec-04 12:19:11

Katie Pop-ins @ Walnut Corner?

I'm not trying to be rude, but did you mean squirrel rather than squirral? How old are the children coming - they're not embarrassed by Beavers, Cubs etc.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 16-Dec-04 12:20:05

Oh, and yes, squirrels do eat walnuts. They have cleared out our tree every year for the last 9 years!

KangaSantaMummy Thu 16-Dec-04 12:44:33

DoesntChristmasDragOn I stand corrected

I didn't even know they grew in this country

KatieMaChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 14:52:53

I'm advertising up to 14- but I suppose up to 11

Yes Squirrels (I can't spell)

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 16-Dec-04 15:33:44

I can't spell either but didn't want you to accidentally end up with a mispelt name for an afterschool club (and I've just misspelt school twice!)

I think that squirrels might be a bit of a young name if you were going to advertise up to age 14.

KatieMaChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:27:04

That's what I thought - but I don't really want to call it Childminding as it is wrap arround care

A freind says that there is a danger in having 3 disconnected names - for each part of the business. So I'm now confused and bemused.

I think I need an advertising or marketing expert...or Mumsnet?

KatieMaChristmas Thu 16-Dec-04 19:28:39

By the way KM I had over 39lbs of walnuts from the tree in the corner of my garden last year (hence the house name), this year I only got 79 walnuts

KatieMaChristmas Fri 17-Dec-04 11:19:53

Someone has suggested Owls @ Walnut Corner.....but I'mnot sure

Why did I use Childminding @ Walnut Corner to start with - it makes this really difficult

KangaSantaMummy Fri 17-Dec-04 11:55:38

WOW KMc I never knew about walnuts

learn something new every day

KatieMac Wed 05-Jan-05 13:10:10


Do the school holidays fill you with dread?
Do your children drive you mad?
LOOK NO FURTHER – Here at Walnut Corner, we can provide your children (aged birth to 14 years) with all sorts of entertainment including:CRAFT DANCING BAKING MUSIC SPORTS
Also DAYS OUT to Thrigby Wildlife Park, Wroxham Barns, Sea Palling, Banham Zoo, etc.
All at reasonable rates e.g. 6 Hours Childminding + trip to Thrigby + Packed Lunch for only 18.00
With the benefit of a home environment, and attention of trained, insured, OFSTED registered childminders.
Give yourself a break – if only for an hour, a morning, a day or even the whole holidays!Childminding also available in termtime.
Contact Kate Mason on XXXXXXXXXXXXX
Childminding @ Walnut Corner, Fleggburgh

Obviously - this is in pretty font/colours/with a lovely logo etc...

kangasantamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 13:21:28

that looks brill KMc

ssd Wed 05-Jan-05 14:07:22

that looks excellent!

KatieMac Wed 05-Jan-05 20:22:10

Thanks ladies - now I just need to work out where to put I charge a little more I think I'm after proffessionals so the local PO probably won't do

kangamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 20:23:09

Do you have a railway staion used by commuters?

KatieMac Wed 05-Jan-05 20:55:55

No but that's a really good idea for people in cities

kangamummy Wed 05-Jan-05 21:03:32

where do most of your parents work?

what about in local shopping mall?

ssd Wed 05-Jan-05 21:52:32

Could you leave fliers at the reception area at office buildings? Or possibly pop them through letter boxes in more "affluent" areas? Or your local clinic where mums visit their HV's?

Will try to think of more (better!) ideas tomorrow

KatieMac Wed 05-Jan-05 21:55:24

I live in a small village - about 300 houses

BTW - did you have a nice Christmas & New Year??

We had a fab time in Madiera...but it wasn't very child friendly and the weather wasn't great...I'm off to a funeral tomorrow....

So we are looking for a better holiday next Christmas

ssd Thu 06-Jan-05 07:53:47

Thanks for asking we had a lovely Christmas! Nothing very exciting happened and the weather up here in Scotland has been AWFUL all during the holidays, but it was great to get 2 weeks off anyway!
Hope today goes as well as possible

And I'll try to think of some better ideas later for you!

kinderbob Thu 06-Jan-05 08:58:33

Hi Katie,

I like the second bit, especially that you are open about your prices, but I think you come over a little like you are going to do a better job than the parents. They probably are stressed and fed up of their kids, but they don't want to think that you know that too!

A little more of the "give yourself a break, the kids are happy, having fun and learning..." would do it for me.

But then I hate it when anyone offers to look after ds "to give me a break". Argh, by accepting I would be admitting I need a break and that would be showing a weakness. I like the fact that ds's nursery don't give a stuff what I do when ds is there.

I hope this makes sense. I just wouldn't put my ds anywhere where they assumed looking after him full time would drive me "mad". It's like you are critising the child.

I know what you mean, I am just giving a really brutal and extreme read of your text.

KatieMac Thu 06-Jan-05 10:58:17

Thanks for the opinion Kinderbob - I've tried the if you have an appointment (hair/Dr/Hosp) one - but got nowhere...I'm really grasping at straws now

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks SSD

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