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What's the best way to find a nanny share situation?

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expatkat Sun 05-Dec-04 17:49:37

Say you just work 3 days a week, or every afternoon and need a part-time nanny. Are there agencies (in London) that specialize in nanny shares or part-time nannies? Know of any other good ways to go about finding a nanny who is open to non full-time work?

expatkat Mon 06-Dec-04 09:01:53

Any ideas today? Thanks, expat.

Uwila Mon 06-Dec-04 09:09:39

Expat, I wouldn't hink that a part time situation would be worth the fees of an agency. HAve you thought about looking an or putting an ad in The Lady?

Where do you live?

JJ Mon 06-Dec-04 09:20:39

Expatkat, sorry - just saw this. A few years ago I used Top Notch Nannies for a part time, live out, mother's help. She was amazing and definitely worth the fees. I talked to our previous part time nanny (found through mumsnet!) and she recommended using an agency as I didn't know anyone to share with. I couldn't have her as she was booked and I needed a mother's help, not a nanny.

The women at Top Notch were very nice and helpful.

Hope you're doing ok. Well, I know you're not, but hope things get a bit better soon.

Blu Mon 06-Dec-04 09:49:49

Have you tried SimplyChildcare? Lots of people advertising for shares, and you can put in your own ad too. It's used by childcare providers and parents, so lots of opportunities.
Also means you avoid high agency fees.

expatkat Mon 06-Dec-04 12:32:04

Thanks, everyone. Blu, I've used SimplyChildcare (some years ago) and wasn't all that happy with it. I advertised for something very specific, and it was as though no one had bothered to read my ad. Is it worth giving them another go, do you think? I take it you've had some success with them? As for the Lady, I'd forgotten about that one, Uwila--thanks.

Thanks for your concern JJ. I'm actually doing OK. (And my probs are so minor compared to other mumsnetters'!) Do come round and pick up that plate warming cupboard one of these weekends. It'll be nice to meet you!

busybusychristmashatter Tue 07-Dec-04 23:44:01

I had some success with simply childcare - but my current nanny was word of mouth - she works three days but has her own child who comes with her. The thing with S.C. is that it's SO cheap compared with an agency I think it's worth a shot. I think quite a lot of nannies with children are interested in a shorter week - and it's not a share so it's not complicated. The otehr thing would be to put posters/postcards up eg at local school

belledejour Thu 09-Dec-04 15:01:46

Hi Expatkat.

I've found 3 part-time nannies through nanny agencies in London. It wasn't difficult and most agencies do have a part-time department. I think they have to because there are so many mums who go back to work part-time now. IME, I think it would be easier to find someone to do a block of 3 days as it wouldn't be that difficult for them to find someone who wanted 2 days, while 5 afternoons would be more tricky. My second nanny ended up being a nanny share, doing 2.5days for me and 2.5 days for another family. We've managed to keep the share going with the next nanny, which is great.

The agencies I used were Kiwioz nannies (specializing in Aussies & Kiwis), who are somewhere in Fulham, I think, Park Nannies, who are in NW6, and Hampstead Nannies, in NW3 (probably wouldn't really recommend them though as they sent me some real hopeless cases. Be warned that agency fees are prohibitively expensive (sometimes a whole month's wages).

I've also tried Simply Childcare and agree that many of the people who respond to the ads don't both to read them properly. Have you looked at It's a website where lots of Aussies/Kiwis, SAs and others post looking for jobs. Go to the Jobs Wanted section. Good luck!

SofiaAmes Thu 30-Dec-04 05:48:06

expatkat, if you do end up finding someone great, but they don't have the other half of the share worked out, I would be interested in sharing. My morning nanny has just given me notice that she can no longer do the 5 days a week that I need her. I am looking for a nanny to do 5 mornings a week (she would be done by 1). She needs to have her own car. We're in W3 which isn't too far from you, so maybe a share would work if you are interested.

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