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CM Club - Short term / temporary contracts

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southernbelle77 Sun 20-Jan-08 15:24:23

I know you can buy these from the NCMA, but does anyone use their own?
I have a child starting which is potentially for only 2 weeks (mum having twins soon and needs some rest)so I don't want to have to use a proper contract and I don't have any of the temporary ones. Usually I would just do it (as she is starting tomorrow and we are doing it in the morning) but I only have one left and I have another interview this week for a permanent mindee so could do with keeping it for that!
So, can I use my own one and what does it need to say?

maximummummy Sun 20-Jan-08 18:13:11

i made my own and use it for temporary or occasional[siblings of mindees] mindees

in mine i've put childs name parents name and childminders name

start date - rate of pay - day pay due

little bit about accident procedures

what parent must provide etc

it all fits on one A4 sheet we both sign and i do a copy for parent to take away

southernbelle77 Sun 20-Jan-08 18:46:27

Thank you. I think I'll try doing my own tonight then.
Will get them to fill out the child record form and also the permission slips, primarily to use the car!

ayla99 Sun 20-Jan-08 19:38:32

For a new customer I use my own contract which is the same as long-term contracts except there is an agreed end date and the notice period is either 1 week or 2 weeks whereas my long-term contracts are 4 weeks. Sometimes I have to put a list of dates in it too.

for repeat childcare I either use these contracts or just use a booking form so days/times etc are all in writing, with parent paying up front with the booking form.

southernbelle77 Sun 20-Jan-08 20:39:54

Thanks again. I have done my own one now, and with your suggestions it made it much easier
And much less for the parents to sign tomorrow which is good!

nannynick Sun 20-Jan-08 21:01:16

If this thread is searched for in the future... if you need an example Childminder Contract, I have located one within SureStart Resources - Childminder Contract - Resource 4

If you use your own contract, NCMA won't provide legal help... see here
and here.

southernbelle77 Sun 20-Jan-08 21:15:26

Thanks Nick, that is good to know.
I usually wouldn't use my own (and have just ordered some of NCMA's short term contracts!) but I'm hoping it will be fine on this occasion. Potentially it is only for 16 hours work in total and if it becomes longer term then I will do a new contract anyway!

chickenmama Mon 31-Mar-08 15:58:02

Just wanted to say thanks for the link nannynick, has come in very handy today grin

mumlove Tue 07-Oct-08 13:47:15

Thankyou Nick. The link has been a good use.

NumberFour Tue 07-Oct-08 16:29:34

I lurve nannynickgrin

was just considering spending money on NCMA docs but here they are!!!! Thanks

NumberFour Sun 30-Nov-08 19:23:59

bumped for request for help!

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