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paediatric first aid courses?

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miniegg Mon 14-Jan-08 09:25:45

can anyone recommend a paediatric first aid course suitable for nannies/childminders which is held in the evenings or at weekends in central or SW London?

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MaureenMLove Mon 14-Jan-08 09:28:47

Try St Johns Ambulance, I think they do it.

Bink Mon 14-Jan-08 10:01:44

This is a link to a page from the Childcare Approval Scheme website, which gives search facilities for various providers of first aid courses which meet the requirements for CAS registration. I found it really useful when finding a course for my nanny to do when she was getting her CAS approval.

(I know CAS has now been replaced by voluntary registration on the Ofsted register - but I've had a look through the Ofsted website and cannot find anything as useful as this - in particular it doesn't seem to specify what level of 1st aid you need to have for voluntary Ofsted registration ... it's horribly complicated! - I'm interested because of course when my nanny's CAS registration expires she'll have to the Ofsted one instead ... )

Bink Mon 14-Jan-08 10:03:52

PS - I've done a link to the CAS-required courses not because I'm assuming you're needing to be registered, but because those are the highest quality suitable for nannies/childminders (ie they're not just a couple of hours refresher).

frannikin Mon 14-Jan-08 15:53:24

OFSTED require a full 12 hour paeds course - CAS didn't so be careful which one you choose. A 6 hour course won't cover you any more.

Contact your Early Years team if you're a childminder - they should hold regular courses.

If you're a nanny try local agencies - if they're any good they should know a local provider or may run one themselves.

ABC medical will come and run a course for you if you have a group willing to do it.

nannynick Mon 14-Jan-08 18:22:24

The Early Years First Aid Course by St. Johns Ambulance is suitable. I do the courses that run on two consecutive Saturdays. Some venues do evening courses - but not in London it seems, nearest I could find in a search of courses was an evening course in Newport.
Renewing my First Aid at the end of this month - myself and several local childminders have all booked on the same course - we all did the course 3 years ago together. It's like First Aid Reunited!

AmyMcLean Wed 05-Aug-15 15:54:08

You could try agency first aid courses like HATA or Little Ones. I went to Little Ones and really enjoyed it and it was cost effective too. Here is the link if you would like it:

MaggieW8 Fri 07-Aug-15 18:12:47

Babyem is the best. They are my preferred partners .You can book through my web

eeyore12 Fri 07-Aug-15 18:36:49

Tigerlily training do great first aid courses, that are ofsted approved. I did at John's for years but have now done tiger lily the last two times and would do them anytime.

Victoria2002 Sat 08-Aug-15 22:48:25

I loved the course from "first aid for life" I did because it fits into one Saturday what StJohns ambulance fit into two weekdays. I have done SO MANY first aid courses in my lifetime that I find slow paced StJohns ones really tedious!

Florencemattell Sun 09-Aug-15 09:50:54

I did a blended course. 12 hours - 6 online ,6 in classroom.
The online part is very thorough ; you watch a video for each topic , then have to answer questions before it allows you to move on. After years of first aid classes I can honestly say this was best.
The 6 hour classroom day covered practice parts such as rescusitation and chocking.
Also doing it this way meant only having one day of travel, childcare etc so fitted in better for me.

Florencemattell Sun 09-Aug-15 09:52:30

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 10-Aug-15 07:38:22

Have done many first aid over 24yrs of being a nanny

Peak skills - St. John's - TIGERLILY

Tigerlily courses are the best and when I need to redo next year I will use them again

Done in a day and then online questions and always good teachers and lots of actual practice as well as talk

Also got Epi pen training

MaggieW8 Fri 21-Aug-15 22:16:27

Babyem is the best training agency in the Uk

Callaird Sat 22-Aug-15 03:01:30

I am OFSTED registered and I have only done the Tigerlily 6 hour paediatric first aid.

I have taken many first aid courses and Tigerlily is by far the best. The instructors are fun and you can have a laugh whilst learning. I've taken some where the instructor just reads off sheets and you write down what he says, you don't take half as much on board that way, in my opinion.

SPFirstAid Tue 07-May-19 03:22:50

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SPFirstAid Tue 07-May-19 03:23:37

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