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has anybody got any experience of using

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nvj Fri 11-Jan-08 22:29:00

i have written a family profile on this website and have had quite a few responses from potential candidates but haven't bought membership yet as i'm not sure whether it is the right thing to do or not?! i don't know anybody that has an aupair so have no one to ask.... any advice/tips?
i don't need an aupair til July/Aug this year so have plenty of time...

kittywise Fri 11-Jan-08 22:32:47

Why don't you try GUMTREE? I've had really good luck with them and it's free. I found with great aupair that too many were still abroad and I didn't want that.

blueshoes Fri 11-Jan-08 23:08:01

nvj, I got my first aupair (French) off greataupair. One week before she was due to arrive, she told me she had unexpected change of plans! But I think I was unlucky. If you are thinking of great aupair, lots of mnetters use - they are pretty much the same in how they operate.

Can't comment on gumtree as I have never used it but also mentioned here a lot.

Kitty is right about the aupairs on those sites are largely not yet in UK. But because I get 100s of responses (not so much my profile, which is wonderful of course, but because I happen to live in London where they all want to be), I can narrow down to the few who have previous aupair experience in UK (important for checkable references) and/or who are already in UK.

My present aupair (German) is lovely, so 2nd time lucky, and she was already in the UK with another family when she applied.

I am not sure whether it is too early for you to apply. It may give you lots of time to select, but it also means greater risk the aupair may change her mind. They are young girls, and is to be expected, especially if it is their first time abroad or if they have boyfriends and other commitments at home or just not sure what they want to do.

Are you looking for a summer aupair?

All I would say is that without buying membership, it is almost impossible to take an active part in following up on those aupairs you are really interested, as opposed to the ones who take the initiative to email out rather than just put you on their hotlist. So it is worth buying, once you are serious about looking. I find it a very intense affair once I embark on a search - almost like courtship, but with a few candidates concurrently! If you are in London and you write a reasonably attractive profile, my guess is that you will find someone within a month.

bigshopper Sat 12-Jan-08 08:12:57

We found a lovely au pair from Great Aupair. Bear in mind that there are lots of fraudsters on it, trying to get you to "advance money for tickets" and so on. But if you check documents and references you should be fine, and will save lots of agency fees.

ScienceTeacher Sat 12-Jan-08 08:19:09

I use aupairworld rather than great aupair, simply because it is a lot cheaper, and it has mostly EU girls.

GAP has some excellent features, so perhaps you get what you pay for.

You can't read anything into the quality or reliablity of the girls on these sites. It is simply a way to pass on their contact details to you.

If you are seriously looking, you need to have paid membership. It is frustrating to see someone who looks ideal, and for there to be no way to contact her.

Unless you want someone who needs a visa for the UK, it is a bit early for the summer. If you found one now, there is a big chance that circumstance will change. Better to wait until 4-6 weeks before the arrival date. There are always loads of girls looking for summer work.

maryjo Wed 14-Oct-09 11:57:44


I've had lots of au pairs. I used to use aupairworld but I didn't like the fact that my contact details were available to all premium members who paid. I think people pyt far too much personal family and contact details on these sites that would be easy for predators to find them.

I tried Gumtree but got lots of Spam.

I recently started to use a new site called, that doesn't display contact details. Instead I communiate with the candidates via secure private email. It also has some good applicant tracking functions. It's also cheaper than aupairworld.

Treeesa Thu 15-Oct-09 22:22:08

We started off using greatapair for our first au pairs and had a good experience initially but got horribly burnt later. We had sievedthrough hundreds of possibles and spent many evenings writing emailsand making phone calls, had someone all lined up and checked al ltheir references. Room was freshly decorated, new towels and linen bought but the girl didn't turn up on the day she was meant.. nor the next.. or the next.. I was worried and thinking what could have happened to this poor person..

We find out after getting back in touch by phone with a reference we had spoken to before. One day later we had a message from her saying she had arranged to see two other families before she got to us and had settled on teh 2md one.. Cheesed off is not the word.. It happened again with another girl who was plaing the field..

After this I lost patience and switched to agencies and have enjoyed a hassle free time of getting each placement all orgaised for me with the minimum of fuss.

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