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£ How Much? £

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NappyChange Sun 18-Nov-07 20:25:47

My friend has a childminder who comes to her house 3 days a week. Lovely girl and we spend our Monday mornings together taking the little boy she looks after and my DD for a walk. I have asked her to mind my DD once a week for a couple of hours, not every week but also the occasional evening, once every six weeks - whilst we have a night out. She asked if £5 an hour would be okay - does this sound TOO cheap? I dont want to embarrass her by double checking but I dont want her being out of pocket either. We are in Kent/S London area.

Katymac Sun 18-Nov-07 20:30:06

Is she a childminder? coming to someones house?

Do you mean a baby sitter? or a nanny?

£5 is quite cheap for a babysitter

LOONEYplayingachristmasTUNEy Sun 18-Nov-07 20:42:17

Sounds more like a nanny to me?

Whooosh Sun 18-Nov-07 20:55:07

Sounds very cheap to me-ok for evenings (but £5.50/£6 would be better) but not daytime-that should be £8 per hour.
She sounds great!

prufrock Sun 18-Nov-07 21:02:24

We pay our babysitter £5 an hour ,even if we use him in the day, because that's what he insists his hourly rate is. (He's an NVQII qualified ex-nursery worker). But I feel that's cheap, so always round the time up, and often add an extra fiver on top - he's learnt to not argue now. And he doesn't do solely daytinmes - if he comes when they are still up he'll have them when awake for an hour but then 4 or so hours to get paid watching TV. And the only daytimes he does are mornings after he's stayed overnight a couple of times, and then I've insisted on paying him for the time he's asleep as well. We're in Cambridge btw.

frannikin Sun 18-Nov-07 21:31:38

If that's what she's asking for then I guess that's what you should pay. You don't want to embarass your friend either if she's only getting £5/hour there.

RahRahRachel Sun 18-Nov-07 23:54:54

I think you should at least be paying minimum wage, which is 5.35 an hour. That still seems very low for day time work though.

Katymac Mon 19-Nov-07 08:00:14

Minimum wage is £5.52 if she is 22 or older - I assumed she is younger or charging per child

NappyChange Mon 19-Nov-07 13:58:08

Hi all, thanks for your comments and I was mortified to learn the minimum wage is £5.35 and she only asked for £5 from us. I believe the friends who she works for 3 days a week pay her more than this so without saying anything I will round the time up and put an extra fiver in (like prufrock).

NicBrock Thu 17-Jul-08 10:41:10

I would like to know how much I should pay a babysitter for my 2 children? My youngest boy is 7 years old and has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. My older boy is 9 years old and not autistic. I need to work from home so she will have to take them out while I work. Then, my next question is how much should I pay her for just the younger boy when the older one is away at his grandparents?
She is a qualified teacher's assistant who helps my younger boy in the Autistic Facility at the school.
Thanks for any ideas.

SimpleAsABC Thu 17-Jul-08 10:47:19

NicBrock, not sure what you should pay per hour but I'm almost certain that you should expect to pay the same amount whether it's two children or one.

SIOBHANB2008 Thu 17-Jul-08 10:49:06

depends where you are nicbrock where r u?!

NicBrock Thu 17-Jul-08 11:04:15

Sorry about that I am in Cumbria on the West Coast - Whitehaven Thanks

imananny Thu 17-Jul-08 11:22:51

Sounds VERY cheap - i am also in kent and charge £10ph BUT if that is what she asked for then she must be happy with it

imananny Thu 17-Jul-08 11:24:52

forgot to say, does minium wage apply to cm?

ie if you have child for 10hrs a day,for easy maths - the mum must at least pay you £55.20 gross a day? Obv you sort out your tax and Ni

KatyMac Thu 17-Jul-08 12:28:00

No - because C/Mers are self employed working from their own home and can have more children & offset expenses against earning

AtheneNoctua Thu 17-Jul-08 13:53:46

Minimum wage has nothing to do with it, unless it turns out this woman is in fact a nanny. Sounds like tax evasion to me. You better ask to see her registration or you could get in a ahole lot of hot water for employing her illegally and not paying her taxes. Or maybe it is she who would be in trouble for childminding without a license? Anyway, not really a mess I'd like to be in the middle of.

Fadge Thu 17-Jul-08 13:59:24

Agree with pp.

lunavix Thu 17-Jul-08 14:02:38


if this woman is a childminder then she should have her own rates.

Most childminders charge between 2.50 and 4 an hour during the day.

SimpleAsABC Thu 17-Jul-08 14:44:16

hey lunavix.

i don't think this lady is a cm tho, not if she is going to the house of the children to work? IYKWIM.

jura Thu 17-Jul-08 16:40:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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