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Can't find Ofsted reports

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FreesiaFairy Sun 14-Feb-21 18:33:01

I'm a bit confused, I can see lots of profiles for local childminders on websites like, and there are some good recommendations on local Facebook groups, but when I go onto the ofsted site only a handful of them are on there (with their reports to read etc).

Lots of the others say they are Ofsted registered, but how comes I can't find their reports? Is it because they haven't been inspected (seems unlikely as some have been set up for a number of years) or have they made them not public in which case will I need to contact them to send me the report?

Thank you in advance!

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Maryann1975 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:21:33

I think a childminder can set your ofsted profile to private so it isn’t linked to your name and is not searchable. I think if you know the URN number for the setting you should be able to find it.
I’m not sure if it’s the same for all local authorities, but if you search on our local family information service for a list of all local childminders, you can link to their ofsted reports through that as a way round.

Cakeandslippers Sun 14-Feb-21 19:30:01

Yes, with the ones I viewed I had to get the URN from them to be able to access the report. If you message them they should just give it to you and once you search with that they'll come up, really easy.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sun 14-Feb-21 19:32:10

Yes they will be there but because we work from our own homes, names and addresses are kept private. You can a search using their registration number though. Or ask them to email you a copy.

FreesiaFairy Sun 14-Feb-21 20:18:30

Ah ok that makes sense! Thank you.

Makes it a bit harder as the Ofsted site is quite good for searching for nearby ones (can search on the map, or order by nearest etc) whereas is a bit harder to navigate.. but I guess it all just takes a bit of work to find the right one.

Am quite keen to go down the childminder route rather than nursery as I'd like my baby to form a close attachment with one person, but it does make it super important to find the right person doesn't it! Not really liking the thought of leaving him with someone else really :-(

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Cakeandslippers Mon 15-Feb-21 13:02:23

@FreesiaFairy best thing we ever did. My daughter adores her childminder and she's kept us sane through covid times to be honest. I really feel like she has a second family there and she loves going. She learns so much and has developed so well that she's often mistaken for being older than she is when we're in the park etc as her behaviour out and about is perfect (which she's learned from CM not me, shes not perfect in any way at home!). I think we've got a brilliant childminder actually but I'm sure others must be just as good.
I visited 4 then I found this one and I knew straight away. Good luck!

Apple40 Mon 15-Feb-21 15:12:47

Yes I am an registered childminder and my reports are there under my Ofsted number not my name . If you go via the council list of childcare my report can be found there and also via my website. I would not be handing out my Ofsted number to anyone who Just phoned me up and had not been to see me they could be anyone and just wanting to claim childcare help using my number. Which then creates huge problems for me when there claim is checked as I have to prove they never had care with me and I have not with held tax and NI on those earnings.

FreesiaFairy Mon 15-Feb-21 16:02:17

Thanks for your replies! Guess it's just about finding the right person then, I better get on with it! Saw one yesterday she seemed perfectly fine but I'm not 100% sure so will see some others as well.

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