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are you a maternity nurse?

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natmatt Wed 10-Oct-07 13:11:16

where did you do your training? i have years of experience looking after babies but no qualifications, whre do i go for accreditation?

frannikin Wed 10-Oct-07 14:25:19

I did MNT's OCN Maternity Practitioner Award course, which I would thoroughly recommend. Any other courses offered by Phillipa are WELL worth doing. They're well run, informative and agencies love them.

yogimum Wed 10-Oct-07 14:29:28

I did the MNT course aswell. It was the only accredited course in the country and most agencies recognise it. Yes Phillipa is lovely.

Lulumama Wed 10-Oct-07 14:31:02

is it good? i have just emailed for an info pack... would have to be distance learning though as too far from me.

who is phillipa, the MD?

frannikin Wed 10-Oct-07 14:46:25

The Maternity Practioner course couldn't be done by distance learning when I did it, but I travelled to Reading for it. They send you details of accomodation etc.

The other course I know of is in London and that's the NEST post natal carer course. But I don't think it's as recognised as the MNT.

Phillipa is indeed the MD. She's also one of the trainers on the course, along with a Midwife, a sleep psychologist and a very experienced maternity nurse. Call them up and have a chat to them - they were really helpful to me.

I loved the course. It was pretty intensive but really good. They cover supporting breast-feeding, sleep habits, routine, roles and responsibilities of a maternity nurse, healthy post-natal mum and newborn, and I'm sure there's more stuff that's flown out my head at the moment!

possetwiper Wed 10-Oct-07 15:02:05

the nursing and midwifery council have made a statement about the title here you could be done for fraud if someone reported you for using the term nurse when you are not a registered nurse

possetwiper Wed 10-Oct-07 15:09:54

sorry ladies didn't mean to post that on this thread my brain is obviously babyaddled

NoNameToday Wed 10-Oct-07 15:17:03

Before I returned to the NHS as a midwife, I spent in excess of 10 years working as a Maternity Nurse, my first three positions were in response to advertisements in the Lady magazine, following those, all other bookings were recommendations and return bookings.

The parents I worked for became my friends and remain so to this day.

I negotiated my terms and charges with the prospective parents, no agency fees involved.

Happy to offer advice regarding my services to anyone interested in what is involved.

Lulumama Wed 10-Oct-07 16:05:28

anyone know how long the course is?

nonametoday.. can you tell me more about what you did? you can email me if you like smile


NoNameToday Wed 10-Oct-07 16:07:42

Happy to do that Lulumama.

Lulumama Wed 10-Oct-07 16:08:57

much appreciated x

hertsnessex Wed 10-Oct-07 16:19:52

would be interested to hear more about this as i currently do overnights for clients. could you email me nonametoday?

NoNameToday Wed 10-Oct-07 16:37:43

Hi hertsnessex,

Happy to help if I can

What's your email address?

natmatt Wed 10-Oct-07 16:49:07

i called them today regarding the coure but its 2 1/2 days in reading im in scotland they are starting to compile a distance learning course and it will be done next spring , i f anyone knows of any other course let me know

eharrison_1 at msn dot com


hertsnessex Wed 10-Oct-07 18:30:15

thanks noname.


nannynick Wed 10-Oct-07 22:15:57

The MNT course when I did it, was indeed 2.5 days, which included .5 of a day first aid.

(Note: Ofsted guidance says that first aid should be a 12-hour course, not 6 hours - so I expect MNT may change the course length at some point.)

That's the 'in college' time... then there are assignments on top of that, which you do at home and post back for assessment.

Even having the done the MNT course, I do very little 'night nanny' work. Mind you, being a bloke probably affects that - a expectant mother once said to me... "I'd feel odd you seeing me in my dressing gown".

frannikin Wed 10-Oct-07 22:19:54

*giggles at nannynick*

I wouldn't mind having a bloke as a maternity nanny - be a positive role model for the father!

NurseyJo Wed 10-Oct-07 22:24:55

Message withdrawn

NoNameToday Wed 10-Oct-07 23:26:18

Well, talk about strange things and the power of mumsnet!

I stated earlier today that my previous clients have remained friends, well I've just received a phone call from one of them, who is newly pregnant, she is 45 years old!
Her youngest child is 7yrs old

I've pointed her towards this site.

It's uncanny, I spoke with her about 6 weeks and told her I had retired but was considering the occasional maternity job.

She says I am a witch!

natmatt Thu 11-Oct-07 16:07:29

where can i find info on the NEST course?

frannikin Fri 12-Oct-07 08:39:24

It's based in Amersham.

The only problem, if it can be called a problem, with the NEST course is the trainee positions - I remember reading somewhere that the director of the company had difficulty placing "trainees". But that may have just been teething problems which have been sorted now.

Incidentally I love the way both MNT and NEST claim to be the only accredited trainers to level 3.

NurseyJo Fri 12-Oct-07 08:41:34

Message withdrawn

NoNameToday Sat 12-Jul-08 13:57:37

I realise that this thread is rather old, but just to say, that the lady who was pregnant at 45yrs of age had a beautiful healthy baby daughter by LSCS at the end of May.
I have just spent a very enjoyable six weeks with the family.
This to me is what good maternity nursing is all about, you make and maintain fantastic friendships.

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