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New Years Eve Babysitting rates!

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ljcooper3 Sat 06-Oct-07 14:16:31

Just wondered what people have paid for babysitters on NYE and what they would pay.

Im thinking of babysitting on NYE but dont have a clue about the rate I should charge. Some Nannies charge double their rate, some triple it and some charge a flat rate of like £150.

Any view would be great. Thanks

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ljcooper3 Sat 06-Oct-07 14:17:07

ps, Im in London

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JennaJ Sat 06-Oct-07 15:28:33

I charge double rates on New years eve and Im in London..Im pretty cheap usually at £6-£7 an hour so I guess Im a bargain.

I know of some of my nanny friends who advertise at £150-£200...but rarely do they get any work on new years eve as not many people can afford that kind of money!!

You have to charge according to the demand..if there are loads of families looking for a babysitter then you might get away with charging more..but if like round here all the nannies fancy making a quick buck then there are more nannies than families and you have to charge less to get the work!


nannynick Sat 06-Oct-07 18:16:17

I'm planning on charging the same as I do for any other night of the year. Not that I expect there to be a lot of interest - over the past few years I have found that demand for NYE has decreased (at least in my area).

ljcooper3 Sun 07-Oct-07 10:22:49

Thanks for the advice!

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eleusis Mon 08-Oct-07 09:41:49

Oh, a bit early for this thread.

As a parent I would absolutely not fork out £150 for a night's babysitting. A night's babysitting usually runs me about £20-£30. I might be persuaded to double that figure. But, not more than that.

Not really an issue for me though because I probably won't go out on New Years Eve.

fifilou Mon 08-Oct-07 14:07:47

I dont tend to work on NYE or Christmas but I would agree that it is the norm to charge a bit extra- however, I'm not sure about double time!

That would cost parents a fortune for a night out!

My Bsitting rates are £10 per hour, and I'm in London.

P.s.- I've just launched a new site- you could post this on there-

Hulababy Mon 08-Oct-07 14:09:21

£150!!! shock

No way would I pay that out!

nannyj Tue 09-Oct-07 13:58:23

I recieved £90 last New years and was more then happy with that.

ljcooper3 Tue 09-Oct-07 17:56:16

What area are you in nanny j? I think I will double my hourly rate...Ive called two agencies and thats what they have suggested.

Thanks everyone.

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Soph1392 Thu 23-Nov-17 22:59:50

I live in Cardiff and my hourly rate is £8 . I have been offered double time by a family for New Year's Eve and for 7 hours .

aura Fri 07-Dec-18 11:16:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

rubaduhlo Mon 10-Dec-18 20:19:21

Nearly spat my tea out when I saw £6-7 in London. Thank God it's a zombie thread!

Italianmoma1983 Sun 13-Dec-20 19:06:40

So I’m asking you how much would you expect to pay for a baby sitter in London. £20/hour ?

user1482931528 Sun 27-Dec-20 19:22:34

Some cool advice.

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