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CM Club - dealing with a tantrum........

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bloodsuckinglooney Thu 04-Oct-07 18:07:15


I've had the normal 2 year old tantrums and am fine dealing with them, just want some reassurance on this:

Mindee (nearly 4) is a lovely little girl, bit funny when she doesn't get her own way but all in all a delightful little girl.

Went to soft play this afternoon and for a treat I let mindee and ds have a packet of quavers (she eats this stuff at home anyway). When she finished them her hands and mouth were covered so I just got a napkin, went over and said 'right then, shall we quickly wipe your hands and mouth and then you can play again' and she shouted NO and then buried her head and went into a major tantrum, kicking and crying and then saying over and over 'I want mummy......I want mummy'. I was very shock as we've always got on great, she runs to me calling my name when I pick up at pre-school and I've never had this. I soon realised it must be tiredness and I stroked her back saying 'oh, are you tired sweetheart' and that was it, proper proper toddler type tantrum. I obviously shouldn't have said she was tired but....well....lesson learnt wink

I'm not someone who gives in to children and lets them have their own way just because they cry, that doesn't do ANYONE any good. So when she was kicking and stuff, I placed her on the floor and let her carry on. I wasn't going to say 'oh, ok then, as you don't want to you don't have to'!

After a couple of minutes I picked her up for a cuddle again and she squeezed me so tight, I took it as being her way of trying to say sorry. I'm sure she was just tired and didn't mean to be like that but I just wanted to make sure I handled it right by not giving in?

dustystar Thu 04-Oct-07 18:08:32

Sounds good to me - its how i would have handled it toosmile

bloodsuckinglooney Thu 04-Oct-07 18:15:59

Thanks, I don't know why but I felt bad once I realised she was tired but I still think I have to deal with this the same for everyone.

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