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Urgent advice needed please for CM; Thank you!

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kkey21 Thu 04-Oct-07 11:56:05

Hi-i have a little boy who i pick up on Thursdays from school (he is 4)
His Mum has kindly just called me and left a msg to say he has worms and she was just letting me know....
I have my own ds who is 2 and a baby of 12mths i mind, and it wouldn't be fair on either to get it but not sure what is the right thing to do... (My ds is potty trained and worried this could set him back?) My Ds absolutely loves this child to bits so no chnace of keeping them seperate...I know its all about washing hands lots but i am not sure!

Help i need to make the phonecall either way! x

VooJu Thu 04-Oct-07 12:21:05


I have had a quick look at my guidance notes from ICP course last year.

All it says about threadworms is to ask that parents ensure that the child's whole family is being treated.

Nothing about excluding the child from your setting BUT

Efficient , frequent handwashing is key to preventing the infection spreading to you and yours.

Waffling, really, probably not much help.

fruitymum Thu 04-Oct-07 12:22:18

cut all fingernails short too.

kkey21 Thu 04-Oct-07 12:23:31

Thanks for your advice-i am sooo unsure as if my 2 yr old gets them it'll upset his toilet training surely? He has done so well and i'd be gutted if this set him back! Only child has had tablet as far as i am aware-not family? Might just have to pick up from school and go out and have a picnic tea in our coats! x

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