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retainer fee

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bec5696 Tue 02-Oct-07 10:17:29

A parent has approached me and asked if I will have her 2 children, starting from january.
I have said I will get back to her, do I charge her a retainer fee (if so what sort of charge)if she wants 2 spaces? as between now and then that means I cant take on any more children, as i will be keeping the space open for her 2.

bossybritches Tue 02-Oct-07 17:23:18

Yes you have a business to run & as you say you will be keeping a place open for her. I would suggest she pays half of what you are losing.
(ie the cost of one place)

You have to balance this thought,however , with will you fill the places or not if she goes elsewhere because of the retainer issue? If CM slots are scarce in your area then no problem.

The comprise would be to say that if she pays a retainer then it could be returned in the form of a discount at a later date to suit you.

See what other CM's say is usual practice!

Ghostashoshabuster Tue 02-Oct-07 17:33:14

I charge half the usual fee, I had one pay that from may till August recently and one from Sept till January last year, but places are a premium here, not enough CM's to go round, and I do have a good rep, and the parents particularly wanted me, so were willing to pay it. I could have filled the places both times with other children.

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